The Crossbow is one of the oldest weapons ever introduced in Free Fire - it was added to the game on the June 2018 patch. Due to its unpopularity, just over a year later, on the October 2019 patch, it was overhauled into an explosive weapon. In this article, we are going to list everything you need to know about the Crossbow in Garena Free Fire.

1 - About the Crossbow

The older version of the crossbow is super unpopular - it was a silent weapon that inflicts bleed damage on hit... however, the bullet speed and range is too low to hit anything. It was pretty unpopular and no one used it.


The new version of the crossbow, however, is pretty powerful. It deals 2 times the damage of the usual explosive weapon - if you hit your enemy with the bolt, it would deal 90 bolt damage and 100 explosion damage. This is twice as much as the grenade launcher M79.

Crossbow No Free Fire
The least used weapon in Free Fire

However, compared to the M79, the Crossbow has a much lower range, at only 38 meters - its explosion AOE is also lower, only 3 meters comparing to the M79's whopping 7 meters. Both the Crossbow and M79 are airdrop weapons... and because of that, they are really rare. You can't equip any attachments on the crossbow - it is stuck with a 2x range scope.

The best part about the Crossbow is that it can be equipped on the secondary weapon slot - you can carry 2 more guns while still using it.

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2 - How to use the Crossbow in Free Fire

You only get 6 bolts so make sure that every shot count. Overall, the damage caused by the Crossbow bolt is excellent - it deals a total of 190 damage, enough to kill almost everyone. Hitting the bolt is the hard part, however, as the thing travels rather slow and has a low range.

The explosion caused by the crossbow

To use the crossbow more effectively, you need to predict the movement of your opponent and aim ahead of them while they are moving. You can also try to sneak around with it as well - the explosion range is pretty small and would not be a problem.

Maxresdefault 4

Try to hit your opponents on the head or the chest for extra damage. A headshot is a 100% kill - even level 4 helmets would be penetrated. If you miss the shot, it is best to just pull out another weapon instead of trying to reload, as it is rather slow.

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