It has only been a little more than a week since November's Season 30 Elite Pass's release... but details about the next season 31 of December is already leaked out by various data miners. It is a commonly known fact that Garena works on Free Fire Elite Passes ahead of time - the pass for season 31 is going to be released on December 1, 2020.

In this article, we would list out some of the most notable details about Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31.

1 - Machete Skin

The new exclusive Machete skin of season 31 is going to have the same color scheme as the elite pass: black and white. The black blade of the machete is heavily decorated, with white patterns and a demon's face. It can be unlocked after the player has acquired 10 badges.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

2 - Jeep skin

The Jeep skin can be unlocked after 15 badges - it turns the whole vehicle into a very flashy red color, with two sides decorated with the same white demon patterns on the machete. Overall, this jeep is definitely amongst the best looking skins - players everywhere would be drawn to the blood-red car speeding up toward them.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

3 - Elite Bundles

Male Bundle

Looks like we are coming back to the Japanese theme once again. The male bundle in season 31 is going to be the costume of a Shogun or General - leader of Samurais. There are 6 pieces in the set in Black, Red and White colors - they are decorated in the same way as the machete and the jeep, with a white demon in a black background.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

Overall, the whole sets look pretty decent except for the headpiece. This bundle is at the final levels of the Elite Pass - it would be unlocked after 225 badges.

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Female Bundle

The Female bundle is much easier to obtain than the male one - you can unlock it after just 50 badges. The bundle is actually designed to be the opposite of the male bundle - its main theme is white instead of black. Out of 6 pieces, 5 are white - they do not have the demon motif of the black male set.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

Overall, this skin is pretty good with a decent level of exposure - especially the bottom part, with the navel and thighs exposed.

4 - Backpack Skin

The backpack skin would be unlocked after 100 badges. The theme for the backpack of this season is a demon's head - its face is covered in the first two levels... but at the last one, it is uncovered. The best part of this backpack skin is probably the tongue of the demon at level 2 and 3 - they look super weird.

Level 1 Backpack

Not much was revealed at this level - the face of the backpack is covered with a white cloth and there are two horns sprouted out from its top.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

Level 2 Backpack

The devil's face looks clearer now - at level 2 a toothy mouth with a long tongue would be added. It has red particle animation.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

Level 3 Backpack

This is the highest level of this skin - at this level, the demon's face would be completely uncovered, showing a gigantic mouth and tongue along with a pair of red eyes. It looks rather disturbing overall.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

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5 - Exclusive Emote

The new emote is named Piece of Cake and would be unlocked after 125 badges are collected. When performing this emote, the player characters would lower their heads and performing a butler greetings.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

6 - Surfboard Skin

The new surfboard skin of this elite pass is likely designed based on the demon theme, with two horns sprouted out of its top and a white skull at the bottom. This item can be acquired after collecting 150 badges.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

7 - Loot Crate Skin

The new loot crate skin is going to be based on a Japanese style chest, with a demon's face on the side along with white and black decorations. Overall, it does not look too flashy - just cool enough to draw the attention of people around.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

You can get this skin after 200 badges are collected.

8 - M249 Gun skin

This LMG skin can be acquired after the player collected 80 badges. It has the same theme as other items in the Elite Pass, but with more white and red than black. It is a shame that the skin has no stat boost whatsoever.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 31

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