Free Fire weapons are not created equal - some of them are much weaker than others. Accuracy is one of the most important stats for a gun in Free Fire - weapons with low accuracy would have a high recoil and therefore much more difficult to control.

In this article, we would list out the Top 5 Least Accurate Weapons In Free Fire November 2020.

5 - PARA FAL and P90

Accuracy: 37

Free Fire probably tried to nerf newly created weapons like the PARA FAL or the P90 with super low accuracy stats. In exchange for its damage, the PARA FAL has heavy recoil and is pretty hard to control.

Parafal Ar In Free Fire

The P90, on the other hand, is a spammy weapon with a high fire rate and therefore low accuracy is justified.

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4 - P90 and UMP

Accuracy: 36

Ump Free Fire

The UMP, Free Fires's most damaging SMG, has the second-lowest accuracy in its class as an exchange. It is the only SMG effective in the late game - with a whopping 63 in armor penetration, you would be able to beat enemies wearing level 3 vest easily.

3 - AUG

Accuracy: 35

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Another case of a heavily nerfed new weapon - the AUG has only 35 accuracy, the lowest amongst all ARs. Overall, this weapon is not worth picking over other safe choices like the M4A1 or AK.

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2 - MP40

Accuracy: 17


The MP40, the fastest gun in Free Fire, is geared toward melee combat with only 22 range. In that distance, accuracy does not matter much - that's the reason why the MP40 is still very well-liked by fans despite its abysmal stats.

1 - M500 and M1873

Accuracy: 10

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There is a reason that no one uses pistols - their stats are usually much worse than normal weapons. The M500 and M1873 can only be used in close combat, as with 10 accuracy, you pretty much would miss everything at long range.

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