Free Fire is a free-to-play game... and to make money to maintain the server and fund the devs, they have been selling various cosmetics, gun skins and the like. Since 2017 - 2018, there have been a lot of cosmetic bundles released... a lot of them are from events, and when the events are over, they are also removed from the game.


That would definitely be a waste, as some of those older sets are really good. This is why Garena has added the Magic Cube Store so that players could exchange for those older bundles. In this article, we would list out the top 3 bundles that you must buy from that store. Each of them would cost 1 Magic cube.

1 - King's Sword / Empress's Divine Bundle

These two bundles are the male/female versions of a heavy armor set. They were initially released more than a year ago, back in March 2019, as part of an event.


Both sets are decorated with a winged motif - along with plate armors and red cloaks from head to toe.

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2 - Night Clown / Wicker Jester Bundle

These Clown / Jester themed bundles were previously available two years ago in November 2018 as a diamond royale prize.

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Both bundles are based on clowns - they actually look pretty evil instead of funny.

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3 - Bandit / Mugger Bundle

These two bundles are pretty much jumpsuits for thieves and robber - they do not look like bandit attire at all.

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Overall, the suits look like something that came out of a Batman movie.

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4 - How to get these bundles for free?

Players can get these magic cubes or cube fragments from various events or as Luck Royale rewards. 100 cube fragments can be turned into 1 magic cube.

Currently, as part of the Light Up Bermuda Event, players can get a free Magic cube by collecting Diya Tokens in Daily Missions. The tokens collected by players worldwide would be used to light up Bermuda - once the progress bar hit 100%, the Magic Cube would be unlocked. You can later exchange it for a bundle.


You can collect the item on November 14 on the first login.

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