The FAMAS is one of the trickiest weapons to use in Free Fire due to its special burst firing mode. It is not possible to go full auto with this gun - you can only shoot one or three bullets at a time. Because of this restriction, the gun has pretty high stats in all categories.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best FAMAS skin in Free Fire. Due to its inability to go full auto, damage is actually the best modifier on the skin and not fire rate like skins from other weapons

5 - Famas Black Widow - Ocean

Maxresdefault 3

The Ocean has excellent stat boost: + in damage and ++ in fire rate, with only a - in the magazine size, the most useless stat. However, a high fire rate does not matter much when using a weapon like the Famas.

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4 - Famas Black Widow - Lightning

Maxresdefault 5

The lightning Famas actually has a pretty decent statline, at + damage and ++ range, which boosts the effective range of the gun even further. When using this skin, the Famas pretty much become the longest range AR in the game.

3 - Famas Vampire

Vampire Famas 4a1c

The red Vampire Famas also comes with a double + damage bonus. The only reason that it is behind the Imperial Rome is because of its range deduction, as you really need to fight at long range when using this gun.

2 - Famas Imperial Rome

Maxresdefault 2

The second best Famas in the game, with a ++ bonus damage. The accuracy minus is negligible, as the Famas already has super high accuracy.

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1 - Famas Black Widow - Golden

Maxresdefault 1

This is the best skin for the FAMAS, with ++ on damage and + on accuracy. Besides this, the black widow weapons are the best-looking skins for the FAMAS, with a customized killfeed.

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