There are a lot of weapons in Free Fire, each with its own diverse ability and statistics. While some excel in ranged combat, others can only be used at melee range. In this article, we would list out the top 5 weapons with the shortest range in the game. Melee weapons won't be in this list, of course, as they are obviously the weapons with the shortest range in Free Fire.

5 - MP40 (22 range)

Image 1 Best Mp40 Skin In Free Fire

The MP40 is the fastest gun in Free Fire, with the ability to pump out bullets like nobody's business. However, in exchange for that power, its range has been reduced to just a portion of other SMGs. You pretty much would only be able to use it at a very close range. There is also no way to increase its range with attachments, as the gun is unable to equip anything but the extended magazine.

4 - M1887 (21 range)

Image 5 Best M1887 Skin In Free Fire

Shotguns are supposed to have a low range - the fact that the M1887 reaches 20+ is probably the reason why it is the best shotgun in the game. Besides that, it also has 100 in damage - while 2 bullets might seem to be too little... you can one-shot an enemy with a headshot from the M1887.

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3 - SPAS 12 (16 range)

Spas12 Is A Favorite Weapon In Free Fire

The single-shot SPAS 12 is a decent shotgun if you are able to hit every shot... which is pretty much impossible in practice. Its weakness of having to reload every time pretty much make the gun unusable.

2 - M1014 and Hand Cannon (10 range)

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The M1014 was the best shotgun in Free Fire before the M1887 was added in - its 6 bullets magazine was deadly at close range as you can miss as many times as you want... The hand cannon is pretty much a weaker version of the M1887.

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1 - M1873 (8 range)

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This is probably the weakest weapon in Free Fire, with an effective range slightly higher than a melee weapon. If you want to use a pistol, just take the Desert Eagle or something. Overall, this is a sawed-off shotgun with terrible range and spread.

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