Not all weapons in Free Fire are created equal - some are stronger than others. In Free Fire, there are certain weapons that have the ability to partially penetrate the protection of body armor and helmets, rendering those items ineffective.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best armor-piercing weapons in the game.

5 – SKS (46 points)

Sks Maniacos

One of the few semi-automatic sniper rifles in Free Fire, the SKS has the ability to ignore 46% of armor reduction - it would deal a lot more damage than one of its counterparts, the M14. The SKS also spawns pretty regularly - you can find it as drop much more frequently than the Dragunov, another weapon with that function.

4 - M1887 (54 points)

Image 5 Best M1887 Skin In Free Fire

This is probably the reason that the M1887 is called the King of all shotguns. With the ability to ignore half of the enemies' armor reduction, the M1887 would be effective even in the late game, when people are decking out in level 3 armors and such.

3 - UMP (64 points)

Arma Royale Ump Arte Da Guerra Free Fire 5e172d64e

It is somewhat of a surprise that the humble UMP has this rare ability. With 64 points in armor penetration, the UMP can make short works of any enemies in the late game - it is one of the few SMGs that are still worth using in the final circles of the game.

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2 - SVD (67 points)

Dragunov Is Very Powerful

The SVD or Dragunov is pretty rare - it can only be found in drop crates, which are pretty hard to come by. Overall, the SVD is a super dangerous weapon, with the ability to ignore 2/3 of armor reduction (67 points) Only its accuracy is not up to standard - it is rather low, half as accurate as a normal SR.

1 - M82B (67 points)

M82b Free Fire

While the M82B has the same armor penetration stats, it is ranked higher on the list than the SKS due to its higher base damage. Overall, the M82B is a gun of many abilities - it can pierce Gloo Walls and deal extra damage to vehicles.

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