Free Fire's biggest event in October is almost here. In Free Fire Booyah Day event, there would be a lot of new exciting prizes, events and more opportunities to grab free rewards. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire's upcoming Booyah Day event.

1 - New "Captain BOOYAH" Character

Free Fire is getting yet another new character based on a real-life celebrity - Captain Booyah. This is part of Garena's collaboration with DJ KSHMR. The character "K" or Captain Booyah is a Jiu-Jitsu teacher and the first character with 2 skills instead of 1. He would be available as part of the Diamond Top-up event on October 19.

Captain Booyah

Captain Booyah's passive skill would increase the rate in which he and his allies convert EP to HP. His active skill would recover a certain amount of EP, which can be converted to HP. Overall, Captain Booyah is not really that strong, as recovering EP is nowhere near as useful as healing HP directly.

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2 - New Free And Paid bundles

There would be a couple of Free and Paid bundles in this event. You can get the free bundles by doing some easy tasks in the game or in the Booyah! streaming app. For paid bundles, you need to pay diamonds on web events. Below are the two paid bundles.

Ob24 Pn

3 - New skins

Legendary AUG Skin and AWM Skin

This new AUG skin is probably part of the next weapon royale during the event. The AWM skin is free - you can obtain it after completing some event tasks.

3 2

The bonuses of the AUG skin is not available yet. The AWM skin is pretty decent, with plus in both damage and fire rate, along with a small minus in armor penetration, which is more or less negligible.

4 2

Booyah Melee Crate

Capture 1

This crate would contain skins for all melee weapons in the game: Bat, Katana, Machete and Pan.

Booyah Gloo Skin

6 2

An exclusive event themed golden Gloo Wall Skin

4 - Booyah Lucky Tree

7 1

You would get this tree from the event. It can be placed while on the spawn island and would spawn various prizes including gold and diamonds when activated.

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