Free Fire, being a Free to Play game, has to create better and better skins to drain more money from gamers. In the next update OB25, Garena is going to introduce a brand new gun skin series called "Evolution" - with the first Gun skin being the Blue Flame Dragon AK47.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new skin series.

1 - What is the "Evolution" skin series?

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These skins are the most expensive ever created in the game - they can be classified as Ultra Legendary, one step above Legendary and come with a Red Background. Furthermore, they would have multiple levels that can only be upgraded with diamonds.

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2 - About the Blue Flame Dragon AK47

This skin has 7 levels and 5 new exclusive effects. This skin would cost 2000 diamonds to be fully upgraded - if you are pumping money into Free Fire... nothing would be able to beat this skin in the flashy department.

Level 1


The basic structure of the skin in unlocked - the whole thing is covered with a swirling purple aura which is pretty well-animated.

Level 2


Add a new "Ultra Legendary" kill feed which is in Dark Red color. The skin looks the same as level 1.

Level 3


Add dragon wings and tails to the base form of the skin.

Level 4


Add a new blood/hit effect. Enemies hit with the Blue Flame Dragon AK would bleed blue.

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Level 5


New blue bullet travel animation and muzzle flash: the bullets released by this gun would be blue with a purple trail.

L5 Ii

A blue flame particle effect would appear after an enemy is killed with this gun.

Level 6

L6 6

Add a dragon head to the upgraded form of level 3. Improves all other parts of the skin.

Level 7

L7 I

The gun is now on fire - blue fire, to be exact. A new Ultra Legendary Emote would be added to the inventory. Upon emote activation, players would summon a beautiful azure dragon with blue lightning.

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