Free Fire's skin system is one of the most important aspects of the game - they provide a great amount of bonus stats that sometimes would give you a decent advantage in combat. Amongst the skins, Incubator weapons are the most sought after due to their looks and powers.

Incubadora Xm8 Outubro 2020

And when the incubator is a popular weapon like the XM8, you can be sure that everyone would be spinning on this event. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the upcoming Halloween XM8 Incubator.

1 - General details

All the XM8 skins would have a Halloween theme - there are 4 colors, each with a different power: Frankenstein (green), Scarecrow (orange), Zombie (purple), and Vampire (red). These incubators were released more than two years ago, on 29/8/2018 - if you miss this event, it is not sure when these items would come back.

Free Fire Confira As Skins Da Proxima Incubadora D

While there is no confirmation yet, according to various leaks, the XM8 Incubator would be released on October 14, 2020.

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2 - About the Weapons

Frankenstein Green


  • ++ Range
  • + Fire Rate
  • - Magazine

Overall this is the strongest version of the gun - it solves the XM8's weakness of low range, with the decent extra fire rate aiding in drag headshots.

Scarecrow Orange


  • ++ Penetration
  • + Range
  • - Speed

The third most powerful version - while the extra penetration and range is great, the reduction in speed is not something you want to have on a weapon at all.

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Zombie Purple


  • ++ Magazine
  • + Damage
  • - Reload

While the increase in damage is great, the magazine increase is pretty much unnecessary. The slower reload time hurts as well - this is the weakest version of the gun.

Vampire Red


  • ++ Fire Rate
  • + Accuracy
  • - Reload

If it wasn't for the minus in reload, this skin would be the strongest of the bunch... however, it is only in second place. The extra Fire Rate and Accuracy are the best - you would be able to headshot much more effectively with the Vampire Red XM8.

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