There are a lot of things you can do to get an advantage in Free Fire... and one of them is the equipment loadouts. In this guide, we would list out some of the most effective combinations so that you could get the most advantage on the battlefield.

1 - Leg Pockets + Bonfire/Summon Airdrops

Leg pockets is one of the safer options when you are aiming for the late game, as the extra inventory space would enable you to carry a lot more healing items than normal. Summon Airdrops would give you good gears early while Bonfire would benefit more later (especially when you are playing Duo or Squad).

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Popping a bonfire to regenerate EP/HP for everyone in the vicinity could be super crucial for your team to make a comeback.

2 - Resupply Map + Scan/Supply Crate/Armor Crate

You could always go for the "free item" route by starting with the Resupply map + Supply/Armor Crate. If you are not confident in getting to the resupply point, the Scan would reveal all enemies nearby so that you can deal with them first.


The Supply Crate and Armor Crate are simply extra boosts so you can get a better start - they are not mandatory of course, as you can pretty much get everything by looting.

3 - Bounty Tokens + Armor Crate

In the earliest phases of the game, some enemies might not be able to get their hands on body armor... and the Armor crate would give you some advantage in that situation. Getting early armor to fight as soon as possible in order to trigger the bounty token... in order to get even more items.

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4 - Summon Airdrops + Scan


Just pop the scan right before going for the airdrop in order to detect nearby enemies.

5 - Bonfire + Scan

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This is probably the most picked combo in pro team games - you would be able to heal your whole squad with the bonfire while getting information about enemies' location with the Scan. In higher tiers, information is power, not guns - a few headshots from an AR would kill pretty much everyone.

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