Despite not providing any direct advantage like damage or HP, movement speed is pretty important in Free Fire. If you have a fast movement speed, you would be able to do pretty much everything in a shorter amount of time such as flanking enemies or sprinting to get loot.

Overall, the advantage of moving fast is hard to quantify... but there is a reason that Kelly is one of the most used characters in Free Fire. In this article, we would list the top four fastest characters in the game.

4 - Kelly


It is pretty weird that Kelly, Free Fire's sprinter, is only at the fourth position on this list. However, due to the fact that she's amongst the first characters ever added to the game, her ability is rather weak. At the maximum level, Kelly's "Dash" only gives her a 6% movement speed bonus while sprinting.

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3 - Caroline


Caroline's ability is much better than Kelly, despite her "rich lady" appearance. While holding a shotgun, Caroline's movement speed would be increased by 8% - this affects both running and sprinting. If you are going to use the M1887 as a sidearm, picking up Caroline's Agility skill is not a bad idea.

2 - Alok


This is part of the reason why Alok is the best character in Free Fire. His overpowered ability, "Drop the Beat", would increase the running and sprinting speed of himself and all his teammates in the 5-meter radius by 15% for a whopping 10 seconds. The skill also restores 5 HP/s as well. Overall, Alok's ability is something everyone would want to have.

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1 - Joseph

Free Fire New Character Joseph 7714

This might come as a surprise, but Joseph is technically the fastest character in Free Fire... he just can't activate the speed voluntarily. Whenever Joseph takes damage, his ability "Nutty Movement" would trigger and give him a 20% speed boost for 1 second. This is the highest speed boost in Free Fire and you can constantly activate the ability while outside of the safe zone.

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