With PUBG Mobile going out of the picture in India, it is probably time for the other underdogs, Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire to rise. If you are looking for a new game to replace PUBG Mobile on your phone, look no further - in this article, we would analyze both Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile to see which title is more worthy of your attention.


The main categories of this analysis would be Graphics & System Requirements, Player Count, Battle Royale & Game Modes.

1 - Graphics & System Requirements

Call of Duty has an edge overall in this category - it is much more realistic than Free Fire's cartoony style. There are a lot more graphics settings to choose from in Call of Duty Mobile, with additional effects being able to turn on or off.

Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty 82fe
Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty Graphics

However, this means Call of Duty Mobile is more demanding in general comparing to Free Fire. The differences are not that much at minimum settings, of course - you can probably play both games at about the same performance on the same device.

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2 - Player Count

Currently, Free Fire is more popular than Call of Duty in India, but Call of Duty is more popular than Free Fire in other parts of the world. For an Indian player, Free Fire is the better choice, as the game comes with a full esport environment of streamers and content creators.

3 - Battle Royale & Game Modes

The two games literally head toward two different directions in this category. While Free Fire puts more focus on its three battle royale maps, Call of Duty Mobile is more about the traditional shooter modes like Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal, Domination (the equivalent of Free Fire's Rampage mode) and the like.

Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty Graphics B40b
Free Fire is rather cartoonish overall

Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile is just an afterthought - with only one map available. However, you can experience a much more exciting battle in Call of Duty Mobile, as it has 100 players map similar to PUBG Mobile... while Free Fire is more focused on the "casual" route, with only a max of 50 players.

Call Of Duty Characters Has Their Own Roles Dc2e
Call Of Duty Characters Has Their Own Roles

Both games have special gameplay mechanics: Free Fire's character system and Call of Duty Mobile's scorestreak system.

4 - Size

Free Fire is much smaller - it is about 1 GB while COD Mobile is 2GB. Free Fire also requires less RAM and GPU... while CoD Mobile needs at least 4GB of RAM to run smoothly

5 - Verdict

Overall, Call of Duty is slightly better as a shooter... but Free Fire is better as a Battle Royale. You should choose either of them based on your own preferences - if you value battle royale more, pick Free Fire... if you just like to play a shooter, pick CoD Mobile.

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