The Free Fire Road To New Dawn event is one of the Rampage: New Dawn. This is one of the events that will give you a free exclusive Rampage-themed skin, the Stormbringer Jeep skin to be specific. You can check out our list of free rewards of Rampage: New Dawn events to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

In this article, we will show you how to play the Free Fire Road To New Dawn event and get the Stormbringer Jeep skin.

Road To New Dawn Event Free Fire
Get the Stormbringer Jeep Skin for free in the Road To New Dawn Event!

Free Fire Road To New Dawn Event Tutorial

The Free Fire Road To New Dawn Event starts on June 23 until June 27.

The event features a set of missions and stages. There are 2 types of missions to choose from in each stage. Complete any type of mission in a stage to clear it and get the reward of that stage.

Road To New Dawn Event Free Fire 1
Complete missions in each stage of the event to claim rewards

Here are the details about the missions and the reward in each stage of Free Fire Road To New Dawn.

  • Invite 1 people or play 4 games: 1x Gold Voucher.
  • Invite 2 people or play 8 games: 1x Weapon Voucher.
  • Invite 6 people or play 15 games: Stormbringer Jeep skin.
  • Invite 6 people: 1x Diamonds Voucher.
Jeep Stormbringer Skin Free Fire
You can get the Jeep Stormbringer Skin for free just by playing 15 games or invite 6 more friends.

After you completed all these missions, you can access this event through the Rampage: New Dawn event lobby to claim the rewards. These rewards will be sent to your inventory automatically.

For some reason, the event is currently temporarily closed. You will have to wait until Garena opens the event again to complete these missions.

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