Free Fire is now having a bunch of new Ramage 3.0 events for players to get new exclusive skin. The latest event that was just released is the Free Fire Azure Dragon Top-Up event. This event features the Apocalypse Fox pet skin and the Stormbringer Gloo Wall skin for players to grab.

Azure Dragon Top Up
The Free Fire Azure Dragon Top-Up event is here.

Free Fire Azure Dragon Top-Up Event

Free Fire Azure Dragon Top-Up Event starts from June 23 until July 3.

For the duration of the event, players who top-up Diamonds in Free Fire will get additional rewards based on the number of Diamonds they top up.

  • 100 Diamonds: Apocalypse Fox pet skin
Apocalypse Fox Pet Skin
Top up 100 Diamonds to get the Apocalypse Fox Pet Skin for free!
  • 500 Diamonds: Stormbringer Gloo Wall skin
Gloo Wall Stormbringer
Top up 500 Diamonds to get the Gloo Wall Stormbringer Skin for free!

Players will be able to claim these items once they reach the required number of Diamonds. Note that players don't need to spend the Diamonds, so basically you are getting these 2 skins for free.

How to top-up Diamonds in Free Fire

Follow these steps to top up Diamonds in Free Fire to get the rewards from the event. You can also refer to the best Free Fire top-up websites in India to get more diamonds with the same amount of money.

  • Tap on the Diamonds icon on top of your screen.
  • The top-up section of Free Fire will show up and show you different top-up options.
Free Fire Top Up
Choose the 520 Diamonds option will get you both skins from the event
  • In order to get both skins from the events, it is best to pick the 3rd option to buy 520 Diamonds for Rs 400.
  • Once you finished the transaction and Diamonds are sent to your account, you can go to the Free Fire Azure Dragon Top-Up event page to claims your rewards.

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