Having a good character combination in Free Fire is very crucial to your victory. Free Fire has more than 40 characters, each with their own unique skill that give you different advantages in battles. However, not all Free Fire characters are free. Many characters in Free Fire will cost you Diamonds which means you need to use real money. Characters purchased by Diamonds are often stronger.

That being said, there are a lot of strong free-to-play characters in Free Fire, especially with the few recent updates. Here is the best free-to-play character combo in Free Fire OB28 update.

Free Fire Characters
A good character combination in Free Fire is very important

Best Free-To-Play Character Combo In Free Fire OB28 Update

The great thing about this combo is that anyone can easily obtain it, even if you just start playing Free Fire. Every character in this combo in Free Fire OB28 is very strong on their own and they can be obtained easily or free or in the store with Gold. The combo will consist of 4 characters Kelly Awaken, Hayato Awaken, Andrew Awaken, Moco.

Kelly Awaken

We don't actually exactly need Kelly Awaken. We only need Kelly for her skill to increase your movement speed. But Kelly Awaken is free anyway so there is no harm grinding a bit to get a bit of extra damage. And if you think that movement speed boost doesn't matter then you might need to think again.

Kelly Free Fire 1
No character in Free Fire can give you a permanent speed boost like Kelly.

Kelly is given for free right when you start the game so everyone should own her. If you don't, you can buy her in the store for only 2,000 Gold.

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Hayato Awaken

Hayato Awaken is certainly a very solid choice after he got buffed in the last update. More damage reduction and armor penetration will help you a lot in a 1 vs 1 fight. You can buy him in the store for only 8,000 Gold. You will need to do some additional mission to unlock the Awaken form.

Hayato Awaken Free Fire
Hayato Awaken is one of the best characters to have in the OB27 update of Free Fire.

You can also combine Hayato Awaken with other characters to make use of his abilities in OB28.

Andrew Awaken

Andrew the most recent character in Free Fire to have an Awaken form. This new change makes this old character become quite useful. Your armor will not only harder to break but also reduce more damage for you.

Elite Andrew
Andrew Awaken makes him a much better character now, plus he is free.

You can get Andrew for free when your first start the game just by doing simple missions.


Moco is one of the most used characters in the Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021 and that tells how strong she is. The ability to track the enemy when they got shot will eliminate their chance to do some cheesy strategy to counter-attack you. You can Moco in the store for only 8,000 Gold.

Moco 2
Moco's skill is very simple but effective.

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