It is almost September now, good grief. The time feels like it is flying and as another month is to look forward to, gamers must be itching for the forthcoming activities. For Free Fire, the devs have been caught up with the events for the ongoing 4th anniversary. While the heat has not died down, there have been rumors and leaks circulating what we can expect from Free Fire next month.

In a recent turn of events, Knight Clown has leaked the upcoming events that are supposed to be carried out in September. As he is a prominent data miner, we can totally check out these Free Fire upcoming events and rewards in preparation for what’s coming.

The Puzzle
Take a look at all Free Fire leaks for the upcoming events in September.

Free Fire leaked events in September 2021

According to the speculations, these events will be an addition to Free Fire as part of the release of Moco’s Awakened version. Players have also spotted the skills of the same in the OB29 Advance Server.

Check out the Free Fire leaks for upcoming events that are revealed on the official Instagram account of Knight Clown:

  • The Puzzle (September 9 – September 12)
  • Free Moco’s Swing (September 6 – September 13)
  • Daily Login (September 10 – September 26)
  • Coder’s Crib (September 10 – September 26)
  • Moco’s Pan Login (September 12 – September 23)
  • Moco’s Challenge (September 12 – September 21)
  • Moco Jump (September 15 – September 26)
  • 18 Sep Login (September 18)
  • Playtime On 18 Sep (September 18)
  • Aftermatch Drop (September 10 – September 26)
  • Peak Day Double Drop (September 18)
  • Play Stronghold Mode (September 18 – September 22)
Free Fire Leaks September
Knight Clown posted this pic on Instagram, revealing Free Fire's schedule for September.

You will also be able to collect a wide range of rewards after joining each of the above Free Fire upcoming events. You can see stuff like a vehicle skin, a pan skin, as well as other items by taking a look at the leaked calendar itself.

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Available versions of Moco

As these upcoming happenings are all about Moco and her Awakened version, let’s take a moment to see what the two versions offer.


Ability: Hacker’s Eye

Her skill in Free Fire can tag the opponent for a certain duration after the player shoots them. Another advantage of her skill is that the tagged opponent’s location will also be shown to your teammates.

Char Moco
Moco has always been a favorite character in the game.

Awakened Moco

Ability: Engima’s Eye

As aforementioned, Awakened Moco was seen in the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server. In case users have had equipped with this ability, the time for marking on hit opponents lasted longer by 2 seconds if they moved.

Elite Moco in Free Fire has garnered attention for quite a while. Her ability, release date, how to obtain her, and skill combination have all been sought after by fans.

Note: Awakened Moco’s ability is subject to change. Moreover, this one is only present in the Advanced Server.

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