The gaming app of Free Fire is very light. Its game size is so small that Free Fire is one of the lightest games in the battle royale genre. Check out this guide for Free Fire low MB download here and choose the best experience you shouldn't miss.

Garena Free Fire game size

The game size of Free Fire varies on different devices. For example, it's about 721MB on Android devices and 1.8GB on iPhones and iPad.

However, many people search for unrealistic phrases like how to download 5MB Free Fire, which is impossible. Besides, Free Fire 50 MB download and Free Fire 20 MB download are not available either.

The current version Free Fire 1.64.1 Rampage is 721MB after download and 1.6GB after a full installation. It's heavier than early versions of Garena Free Fire due to higher game quality. Having said that, it's still worth downloading because Free Fire is still lighter than most of BRGs now. And there's a way to download low mb Free Fire version using APK file.

Garena Free Fire
The game size of Free Fire varies on different devices and platforms.

Free Fire low MB download guide

As the current version of Garena Free Fire is 1.64.1, you can download it from Google Play Store and App Store easily. However, Free Fire low MB download 1.60.1 and previous versions are not available on these two stores of mobile apps. You can only get the APK file of these updates to install and play.

Follow these steps for Free Fire low MB download 1.60.1. You can also follow this guide to download previous updates of this game.

  • Access the APKPURE website.
  • Click on the Version button to check out all versions of Garena Free Fire.
  • Locate Free Fire 1.60.1 update in the list of various updates from V1.47.0 to the latest one.
  • Click to choose this update to go to AKP variants of this version. The APK size of this update is only 43.6MB. However, the full size of both the game and this update is 686.2MB.
  • Click on the Download button of Free Fire 1.60.1 APK to get the wanted variant.
Garena Free Fire Download
You can download the current update of Free Fire from Google Play Store and App Store easily.

After downloading Free Fire low mb version, you go to the file manager on your smartphone to locate the downloaded APK file to install. Before installing the update, don't forget to enable the option "Allow Install From Unknown Sources" in the privacy setting. After installation, you can open the game app, log into the game, and play Free Fire.

New features in Free Fire download latest updates

Garena Free Fire often introduces many interesting features and game modes for players to experiences in different updates. Here are all the best experiences you shouldn't miss in Garena Free Fire throughout many updates of this game.

#1. Clash Squad Mode

Recently, Free Fire players prefer Clash Squad mode to Classic Mode. This fast-paced game mode is very exciting and competitive. Players need to improve their shooting skills every match and master all weapons to win. Therefore, it's a good game mode for practicing and upgrading attacking skills in this battle royale game. Then, you can apply these skills in the Classic rank mode to rank up fast.

Free Fire Clash Squad
The Clash Squad mode in Garena Free Fire is very exciting and competitive.

#2. Bomb Squad Mode

Bomb Squad Mode is a time-limited game mode in Garena Free Fire. It was introduced in some previous updates for a limited time. After releasing a new update, the game developers also removed this game mode. In Bomb Squad Mode, two teams are divided into two bases. One team will plant the bomb while the other team has to defuse it. This game mode is also one of the best experiences of Garena Free Fire.

Bomb Squad Mode
Bomb Squad Mode is a time-limited game mode in Garena Free Fire.

#3. Purgatory Map

The map Purgatory is a legendary map in the classic mode. However, it was removed from the game in many previous updates. Now, this map is not included in the total content package of the gaming app. Instead, players need to download further resource package to get this map in the game mode selection options. Purgatory map has a lot of familiar locations that Free Fire veterans have been familiar with.

Purgatory Map
The map Purgatory is a legendary map in the classic mode of Garena Free Fire.

#4. Themed Skins

Another resource package in Garena Free Fire includes themed skins, including weapon skins, item skins, and character bundles. Each season and update has a lot of exclusive skins. You need to download the extra resource package to see these skins in your game. There are many reasons why these theme skins are among the best experiences in this game.

Garena Free Fire New Update
Garena Free Fire also introduces many new skins every update, event, collaboration, celebration, etc.
  • Firstly, weapon skins in Free Fire do not only make the weapon look more beautiful but they also change their statistics, such as accuracy, rate of fire, mag size, effective range, etc.
  • Secondly, the character skins in Free Fire are designed beautifully base on different themes. such as holidays, celebrations, hot trends, etc.
  • Free Fire skins are given for a limited time. Many skins will be removed after the game release a new update.
Weapon Skins
Exclusive weapon skins and Free Fire make the statistics of these guns change a lot.

Those are all about Free Fire low MB download as well as the most interesting experiences in this battle royale game. Let's download and play this game to enjoy all the current features. You can also download the previous update to enjoy some features that you had missed.

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