MP40 tops when we talk about the best Free Fire sub-machine guns and obviously, all players want to take their weapons' look up another notch. MP40 gun skins, like other weapon skins in the game, not only better the look but also tweak the range, magazine capacity, damage rate, and more.

Among the many attachments the game offers, you can choose from these best MP40 gun skins in Free Fire to guarantee the best performance and visual for your rifle.

1. Lightning Strike MP40

The gun’s capacity gets a boost when players apply this skin. While it also enhances the damage rate of MP40, the only drawback is the weapon’s speed of reloading will be reduced.

Lightning Strike Mp40
The gun skin looks dope with golden details.

2. Winterlands MP40

The winter-themed hue combination makes Winterlands MP40 one of the best MP40 gun skins in Free Fire. It contributes a big part to improving the gun’s look and also makes it stronger support.

However, the fire rate is increased while its accuracy gets reduced. Considering this detail, gamers are recommended to use it as one of the best 10 Free Fire MP40 skins for close-range combat in 2021.

Winterlands Mp40 skin
Short-proximity combat is the best case where you can use this gun skin.

3. Flashing Spade MP40

Flashing Spade is able to boost the damage by 2 times more. The gun allows the best performance for short-range fights as its range is decreased when players use this skin.

Without much saying, it is quite fancy and can add more style to the MP40.

4. Mechanical MP40

The badass silver and purple mix of Mechanical 40 is among the aspects that appeal to players. They can deal more damage with an MP40 applied to this skin.

Mechanical Mp40 skin
Mechanical MP40

It is best used for medium-distance combat because the speed of reloading will be lessened. Tips to make an MP40 a deadly gun cannot be complete without the use of this skin.

5. Crazy Bunny MP40

Crazy Bunny is one of the most popular and best MP40 gun skins in Free Fire, chosen by the players themselves.

It offers twice the rate of damage that the authentic gun can inflict and this makes it a great option for short-to-medium range combats. The one thing to remember is the rifle’s magazine capacity is reduced.

Crazy Bunny MP40 skin
Crazy Bunny skin looks adorable but can be extremely fatal.

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