Clash Squad is a mode that is just as popular as the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire. There is also a Ranked mode for Clash Squad so players who have the same skill level can compete against each other. Players accumulate rank points after each ranked match based on their performance to climb the rank ladder. At the end of a Clash Squad Ranked Season, players will get various rewards based on their rank.

Free Fire Rank
The ranked system in Free Fire

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 Date

The Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 starts from August 5 until September 29.

As usual, all players' ranks will be reduced at the start of a ranked season. The rank of players has been reset in the following way:

  • Heroic Rank to Gold II
  • Diamond (I to IV) to Gold I
  • Platinum (I to IV) to Silver II
  • Gold (I to IV) to Silver I
  • Silver (I to III) to Bronze II
  • Bronze (I to III) to Bronze I

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 Rewards

The exclusive reward of the Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 is the Golden AN94 skin. Players will be able to get this skin once they reach Gold rank. Ii is not hard to reach Gold at all if you know a few tips and tricks in Free Fire Clash Squad ranked mode.

Golden An94 Skin
Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 Exclusive Reward

Here are the stats of the Golden AN94 skin:

  • Range +
  • Magazine -

Overall, this is a nice skin for free-to-play players or players without an AN94 already. Otherwise, there are many much better options out there for the AN94.

Golden An94 Skin 1
Free Fire Golden AN94 skin

There are many other rewards you can get based on your rank such as Character Fragments, Gold, Gold Royale Voucher,... The higher your rank is, the better the rewards.

Clash Squad Ranked Sesason 8 Reward
Other Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 Rewards

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