The OB29 update of Free Fire Fire is coming really close now. As usual, the big update will bring a lot of changes and new features to Free Fire such as a new Tiger pet, a new character, a new marksman rifle, and a new 1 vs 1 mode. The new 1 vs 1 mode in the OB29 update is called the Lone Wolf mode. Here is everything you need to know you this new Lone Wolf Mode mode in Free Fire.

Format of Free Fire Lone Wolf mode

The new Free Fire Lone Wolf mode is where you can play 1 vs 1 matches on a new Iron Cage map. This is new map is a small warehouse with many crates and containers. Players will spawn on each side of the warehouse.

At the start of each round, each player will have 2 Gloo Walls, 1 Grenade of each type, and 2 MedKit. Two players who have 10 seconds can choose to use whichever weapon they want. Players can equip and use character's skills normally.

The first player who wins 5 rounds win the game.

Tips to win the Free Fire Lone Wolf mode

Since the map of the Lone Wolf mode is quite small with many obstacles, it is best to use weapons that are strong in close-range combats such as the Vector, MP40, M1887.

That being said, if you are a skillful player with the double sniper style then having double AWM is perfectly fine.

Mini Map Iron Cage Lone Wolf Mode
Take down the enemy with style with the double AWM combo.

While there are many containers and obstacles in the middle of the map, there is one spot in the spawn area that allows you to look into the spawn area of the enemy. That means if they are not aware, you can even kill them right at the start of the round.

New Lone Wolf Mode In Free Fire
You can aim at the spawn area of the opponent.

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