Garena Free Fire is well praised for its avidity in adding back-to-back new elements to the game, hence further attract players. The forthcoming Free Fire OB29 update will introduce an array of brand-new items, themes, and modes, one of which would certainly be appealing.

For the unknown, gamers who have been around for over a year in the battle royale game are probably familiar with this multiplayer mode which went on floors in July 2020. Called Convoy Crunch, the popular 4v4 mode has been brought back by Garena. It apparently features new gameplay and here’s how to play Convoy Crunch mode in Free Fire OB29.

Convoy Crunch Mode
Here's what you need to do on how to play Convoy Crunch mode in Free Fire and be the winner.

How to play Convoy Crunch mode in Free Fire

You will need to follow these steps to win Convoy Crunch mode.

With this mode, you need to catch and move a convoy vehicle past numerous checkpoints in a system-laid path. Each match comprises of two rounds where which team will move the convoy the farthest or brings it to the last checkpoint wins.

  • Categorized as Attackers & Defenders, the former can have the vehicle moves forward while clearing the perimeter. The latter, meanwhile, will bring their vehicle back when they have the circle under control.
Convoy Crunch
There are two rounds to pass and get your convoy to the last location.
  • If both teams manage to get the convoy to the final destination after two gameplay rounds, the team having the shorter time to set their foot on the goal wins.
  • To move the convoy, gamers need to kill their foes to clear the way for the convoy as well as stop them from again entering the circle.
  • Once a player is defeated, they would respawn close to the last checkpoint they crossed. They will also have to be able to choose among a number of load-outs every time they spawn again.

You can watch this video that contains a detailed guide on how to play the Convoy Crunch mode:

All in all, the Convoy Crunch is quite fun to play and you would have a huge blast. Stay updated with more news on

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