Garena Free Fire is approaching its 4th birthday and fans could not be more excited. On this annual occasion, the game publisher always introduces a series of events, with one bigger than the last. This year, the Battle Royale title has finally shed light on what it has in store for us. More specifically, the Free Fire 4th Anniversary Update will release on August 4th, 2021.

Garena Announces Free Fire 4th Anniversary Party Update

Yesterday, everyone who has installed Free Fire on their devices received a notification. In it, Garena confirms that they're launching the next anniversary update on August 4th, the same day as the OB29 patch. There will also be a little sneak peek for the Free Fire 4th Anniversary.

A little notification pops up on every single Free Fire player's phone yesterday. The celebration is coming soon!

Regarding the actual content or events of the celebration, Free Fire has not revealed anything thus far. We don't really know what to expect. However, looking back at the events we had in the last 3 years, we doubt that Garena will let us down this time.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Recap

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary - 3volution was a total blast. Garena kept Free Fire players always on their feet with a non-stop series of events that continued for more than two weeks. Any player who participated in the celebration brought home a truckload of items for free. Awakened Hayato had just arrived in Free Fire and was available during the 3rd Anniversary, too!

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary 750x375
Last year's Free Fire birthday party broke several records! Let's hope the same happens this year.

Speculations on Free Fire 4th Anniversary Events 

There's no saying for sure what Garena is planning for us in the next annual celebration of Free Fire. No matter the case, there will surely be a lot of free characters, cosmetics, and character bundles to claim. We speculate that the game may even release a new character during the events.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event
Will Garena give away more free characters in Free Fire's 4th anniversary?

And of course, we may also have some rather "staple" Free Fire events during the 4th anniversary. We're talking about a top-up event, a daily check-in, and a friend call-back. If you're excited to learn everything new about the Free Fire 4th Anniversary update, check in to regularly!

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