We’re only a few days away from the next OB23 update of Free Fire, which promises to bring tons of new changes to the battleground. Although there are no official announcements of its release date, leaks from trusted sources suggest that the update will arrive later this month, July 2020.

free fire new mode ob 23
The OB23 Update is coming to live servers

On the Advance test server,  a list of all the new features and changes will soon be introduced to the Free Fire. You should be expecting a new Penguin pet, the Bermuda 2.0 map, the new Convoy Crunch mode, among a plethora of other extensions. Today, we drive our attention towards the new game mode in Free Fire, giving you all the details you need to prepare. 

free fire new mode latest
Convoy Crunch is the latest game mode of Free Fire

Overview of the Convoy Crunch Mode in Free Fire

This is a new 4v4 arcade mode, soon to be released on global servers in Free Fire. The main objective of the players is to defend their spawn zone while the enemy team attempts to capture it with a Monster Truck.

Free Fire Convoy Crunch defend
Defend your zone and make sure the enemies won't capture it

The Convoy Crunch mode features best-of-three format, meaning the team who wins two rounds will take the match. The capturing team will have to drive the Monster truck through four checkpoints. One member of the team will take care of the truck while others try to fence off attacks from enemies. The main objective of the defending team is to destroy the truck before it captures their spawn area.

free fire new mode escort
Another team will have to escort the truck

The Convoy Crunch Mode Rules

The match consists of 3 rounds, each lasts for five minutes. Either squad finishes its objective first within the specified duration will win the round. Win 2 rounds and you will be declared the winner of the match. 

In this game mode, you will have a collection of weapons to choose from. This means you must use the fixed combinations offered. Any player dies during a match will be immediately respawned with 15 seconds of Invincibility.

Equipment Mode Convoy Crunch free fire new mode
You will have to choose between these available equipment sets