Everyone who played Free Fire Duo or Squad has gotten into this situation where you got knockdown but your teammate didn't save you and you ended up dying. It's a pretty annoying situation that no one wants to be in. But worry not because you will be able to revive yourself in the next OB23 update of Free Fire.

In the next update, we are going to have a new item called Horizaline. When you are knockdown but the enemy cannot finish you, you will be able to use this item to revive yourself back to the game.

How To Get Automatic Revive In Free Fire How To Se
A new item called Horizaline will be added to Free Fire that allows players to revive themselves

When you are down, there will be a "Use" button that appears on the screen for you to press on. It will take you 5 seconds to revive yourself. After you revive, you will only have a little bit of HP as usual so make sure that you are in a safe place before reviving yourself or the enemy will just take you down again.

Of course, since this item is useless in Solo mode so it will only be available in Dou and Squad mode.

How To Get Automatic Revive In Free Fire How To Se
The items will take 5 seconds to use

This item will have a massive on the outcome of many fights in Free Fire. You will need to more careful when you want to finish off a player because they might revive themselves and catch you off guard. This item also makes Olivia a stronger character because she will be able to revive herself with addition HP thanks to her skill.

Free Fire Hayato Awaken 2
Hayato will be the second character in Free Fire to have the awaken form

The OB23 is also going to bring Free Fire Hayato Awaken to the game with a new character called Luqueta. Hayato Awaken will have a skill that creates a shield that reduces damage in front of him until he fires. Luqueta will be able to increase his Max HP by an amount after each kill, up to 270 HP.

Bermuda will be having a new version called Bermuda 2.0 with new locations based on the real-world locations. The map will also have a different color, texture, and some other adjustment to make it look more beautiful.

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Bermuda 2.0 in OB23 update

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