Players can make their own unique option with the wide range of firearms in Free Fire. They are also categorized into AR, Shotgun, SMG, and Snipers. Assault rifle is a usual attachment with relatively balanced stats that gamers use for mid-proximity combats.

Meanwhile, each gun features a gun skin that can improve the visual of the weapon and also buff its attributes. Take a look at the top 5 best AK47 gun skins in Free Fire as of late.

5. AK47 - Skull Hunter

  • Damage: ++
  • Range: -
  • Reload Speed: +

Skull Hunter can be grabbed from the Skull Hunter Weapon Loot Crate which is worth 40 diamonds to procure from the in-game shop. Those who choose to use this skin will get to enhance the reload speed and damage while decreasing the overall range.

Skull Hunter
Skull Hunter joined the force in 2019.

4. AK47 - Winterlands

  • Damage: ++
  • Reload Speed: -
  • Accuracy: +

The next cosmetic on the list of best AK47 gun skins in Free Fire is AK-47 Winterlands. As its name has suggested, the skin is winter-themed. It also boosts damage and offers a few edges in encounters.

Although you will see a decrease in the load speed, the gun’s accuracy will be cranked up a notch.

Currently, you can only acquire Winterlands through the gun crate that costs 40 diamonds. It was also up for grabs in an earlier event this year.

Ak 47 Winterlands
Winterlands always stands out for its colorful look.

3. AK - Flaming Red

  • Damage: ++
  • Range: +
  • Magazine: -

Flaming Red, or commonly called Flame AK by Free Fire players, is a trendy cosmetic skin thanks to its striking appearance. And it does more than just looking good.

Boosted range and double damage contribute to its rank as a highly-appreciated AK gun skin. However, you will have to see magazine reduction as a result of getting the gun skin equipped.

Flaming Red
Flaming Red AK

2. AK47 - Flaming Dragon

  • Damage: ++
  • Rate of Fire: +
  • Magazine: -

Flaming Dragon is, without a doubt, one of the most hunted gun skins among gamers. It does not just boast awesome aesthetics but also buffs the attributes considerably.

Players get a significant increase in the damage alongside a rise in the rate of fire. This implies that gamers will be able to deal additional damage even more quickly using it.

Ak47 Flaming Dragon
You can find it in the AK47 Flaming Dragon Loot Crate.

1. AK - Blue Flame Draco

  • Damage: +
  • Rate of Fire: ++
  • Movement Speed: -

And the highest position of the top 5 best AK47 gun skins in Free Fire is the Blue Frame Draco. It is the first-ever upgradable skin of the game and came back in October 2020. Users can unlock special privileges as they unlock more levels upward. Blue Frame Draco is also listed among top 10 best guns skin in Free Fire at the moment.

Blue Flame Draco Ak
This is the first upgradeable skin in the battle royale game.

At the maximum level, you will be granted a much more intense fire rate and increased damage. While the movement speed may fall short, it shall not be a problem at all.

For the unknown, you can get Blue Flame Draco AK Skin for free!

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