Dimitri is the latest to the diverse range of characters in Free Fire with special abilities. Players should not waste more time and rush to obtain this new character without a cost in the Free Fire Dimitri Top Up event which will expire on August 18, 2021.

Meanwhile, Kelly is a popular name in the game and her awakened form is even more powerful in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale matches. If you are wondering which character you should choose between Dimitri and Kelly in Free Fire for Clash Squad combats, this article brings forth the comparison of their basic abilities to help you out.

Dimitri Vs Kelly
Who is better for Clash Squad mode between Dimitri and Kelly in Free Fire?

Dimitri abilities in Clash Squad

Dimitri ability is Healing Heartbeat. At the basic level, it permits players to set up a healing range of 3.5 meters which can enhance 3 HP each second for up to 10 secs. For the final level, the time will expand to 15 seconds. Those who are knocked down can totally self-recover in this zone.

Dimitri Character Free Fire
He is the new addition to the range of Free Fire characters.

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Kelly abilities in Clash Squad

The pretty character Kelly is famous for her ability to increase the players’ sprinting speed. Her Dash ability lets Free Fire gamers raise their speed rate by 1 percent at level 1 and 6 percent at the highest level.

In Free Fire, there are also two character sets for Kelly: Training Set and Race Set.

Free Fire Characters Kelly
Dash is Kelly's passive ability.

Dimitri and Kelly: Which is better for Clash Squad?

When we put the skills of Dimitri and Kelly on a scale, the latter’s ability falls short compared to Healing Heartbeat. With Healing Heartbeat, you can recover HP while also self-healing after being knocked down. That is why using Dimitri has huge benefits in Clash Squad.

In the meantime, Kelly’s awakened form looks more formidable than Dimitri. However, the enhancement in sprinting speed, in most cases, are not as essential as the HP recovery.

Another reason why you should choose Dimitri over Kelly is that he aids the player and their allies, which is a good thing while playing Clash Squad mode.

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