The 4th Anniversary in Free Fire is only a few days away. To warm things up before it actually starts, Free Fire just released a new top-up event featuring the new Dimitri character. Let's find out how to get Dimitri for free.

Dimitri Top Up event
The Dimitri Top Up event has started to warm things up for the Free Fire 4th anniversary.

Free Fire Dimitri Top Up Event

The Free Fire Dimitri Top Up event starts on August 12 until August 18.

The event features the new Dimitri character and a Dimitri's Sound Engineer Bundle as prizes. Players will be able to claim these prizes once they have topped up a certain amount of Diamonds in Free Fire during the event. Here are the details:

  • 200 Diamonds - Dimitri character
  • 500 Diamonds -  Dimitri's Sound Engineer Bundle (containing Disc Jockey bundle with unique animation and 900 Universal Fragments)

Note that you will be able to claim these rewards once you have topped up enough Diamonds. You don't have to spend them.

Disc Jockey Bundle
The Disc Jockey bundle will have some unique animations.

Free Fire Dimitri character ability

Dimitri's ability is an active ability called Healing Heartbeat. The ability creates a 3.5m circle around Dimitri that heals users and allies 3HP/s. Players inside the circle can also revive themselves when downed. The ability has a 60s cooldown and lasts for 15 seconds.

Overall, it is a decent ability especially when you combine him with Olivia and Thiva. With this Dimitri character combo, whenever you revive yourself or a player, you will get 130 HP instantly plus the regen from Dimitri's ability. Thiva also gives 20% increased revive speed.

This combo will give your team a huge amount of healing when fighting the enemies from distance.

Dimitri Character Free Fire
Dimitri character ability in Free Fire

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