In the Indian Free Fire community, some content creators are known for their skills, others for their high spending. Lokesh Gamer belongs to the latter group. He is one of India's most-watched YouTubers in the mobile gaming scene right now, with over 11.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. But what's more out there to learn about Lokesh Gamer? Check out the latest Lokesh Gamer's Free Fire ID And Statistics in OB29 update (August 2021).

Lokesh Gamer
Lokesh Gamer owns one of Free Fire's most spending records.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID And In-Game Stats

Fans of the content creator can view his account via the Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID: 220528068. So far, here's what he has managed to achieve in the current season of the game:

Lifetime Stats

At the time of writing, Lokesh Gamer has played a total of 3400 squad games in Free Fire. He won 722 matches to secure a win rate of 21.23%, which isn't the best, but who's judging? In terms of kills, the content creator bagged 6309 opponents in total, with 1316 headshot kills. That equals a K/D ratio of 2.36 and a headshot rate of 20.86%.

Moving to duo matches, the streamer has participated in 1533 games and won 153 of them. That translates to a win rate of 9.98%. With 2599 kills and 543 headshots in this mode, Lokesh Gamer owns a K/D ratio of 1.88 and a headshot rate of 20.89%.

Lokesh Gamer Lifetime
Not bad for a noob player, right?

Lastly, Lokesh Gamer has played 1309 solo matches with 135 Booyahs to his name, resulting in a win rate of 10.31%. He kills 2714 enemies in these matches, translating to a K/D ratio of 2.31. This is also where he has the most headshots with 792 accurate bullets, equal to a rate of 29.18%.

Ranked stats

As you may already know, Lokesh Gamer hasn't been playing a lot of ranked games. He has only played 2 ranked squad matches this season and won 1 of them. A 50% win rate isn't half bad. The YouTuber also managed to bag 5 kills to secure a K/D ratio of 5.

Lokesh Gamer also competed in 1 ranked duo game and nails the perfect win rate of 100%. He bagged 8 kills and 1 headshot in this match, with a K/D ratio of 8 and a headshot rate of 12.50%.

Lokesh Gamer Ranked
So far, his ranked stats are looking good.

His ranked solo history has also been on point! Lokesh Gamer has played 2 ranked solo matches so far and won both of them. With a K/D ratio of 17 and a headshot rate of 23.53%, he earns 17 kills and 4 headshots in this mode.

Lokesh Gamer’s YouTube Channel

Lokesh Gamer has been creating content for YouTube for well over two years now. He is known for his videos about in-game events and regular giveaway sessions. Though being called the noob Youtuber in Free Fire, Lokesh Gamer knows how to entertain his audience and give useful information about Free Fire events.

So, if you want to check his channel out, you can find it on YouTube or with the link down below. You can also check his profile via the Lokesh Gamer's Free Fire ID above.

Lokesh Gamer Face
Stay tuned for more updates on Lokesh Gamer.

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