Free Fire Booyah League Summer has just ended, with the fan favorites Total Gaming Esports taking the first prize. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the champion and the result of the finals.

Free Fire Booyah League Summer

BOOYAH! is a global game streaming platform made by Garena last year. It is a dedicated video gaming platform for Free Fire. Garena has been trying their best to promote BOOYAH!, with the latest attempt being Free Fire Booyah League. It is an exclusive tournament on the platform, with a prize pool of ₹2 lakhs, and top tier teams across India.

The tournaments on BOOYAH! are better than the usual YouTube tournaments, as Garena usually gives away a lot of prizes for viewers.

Free Fire Booyah League Summer Finals

Finals Result

Overall, Total Gaming dominates the point table with 41 kills and 101 total points, along with 2 booyahs on the first matches. The second (TSM FTX) and third place (D Esports) are rather far behind, with 86 and 84 points respectively. They both have 32 kills, but TSM FTX has 2 more placement points.

Blind Esports, who entered Free Fire esports by signing Hyderabad FFCO champions Captains, took fourth place with 77 points. Head Hunters, after a decent showing in FFCO, disappointed fans by finishing in the 10th spot. They haven't been performing really well ever since FFCO ended.

Total Gaming
Total Gaming, backed by the famous YouTuber, is dominating the Indian Free Fire scene.

Total gaming's performance

Total Gaming claimed 11 kills in the first map, with Delete earning MVP with 3 frags. The same thing happen in the second game, with Delete claimed 10 out of their 18 kills. The addition of Delete to Total Gaming's roster has changed the team drastically.

As a squad, Total Gaming plays very aggressively right from the beginning of the match, with Delete leading the charge and the fragging table. This is their 3rd consecutive tournament win, as they have claimed Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer and Booyah Streamer Royale in the past three months.

The first round of the match
The first round of the match was in Bermuda, which TG dominates.

On an unrelated note, TSM FTX, the runner up, is actually the former roster of Sixth Sense. The team secured 2nd place in Free Fire Pro League Summer a few days ago and is definitely a squad to look out for in later tournaments in the future.

Free Fire Booyah League Summer Finals overall standings

  • 1st place: Total Gaming - 101 points (41 kills)
  • 2nd place: TSM-FTX - 86 points (32 kills)
  • 3rd place: Team D Esports - 84 points (32 kills)
  • 4th place: Blind Esports - 77 points (26 kills)
  • 5th place: Young Blood - 72 points (29 kills)
  • 6th place: Enigma Gaming - 56 points (18 kills)
  • 7th place: Team Hind Official - 55 points (14 kills)
  • 8th place: HL Esports - 49 points (5 kills)
  • 9th place: Team True Rippers - 44 points (20 kills)
  • 10th place: Head Hunters - 32 points (9 kills)
  • 11th place: Team Inferno - 30 points (5 kills)
  • 12th place: Stone Crushers - 26 points (13 kills)

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