The OB29 update of Free Fire introduced a new M4 Chip for the M4A1. This chip is sold in the Free Fire Vending Machine for 2 Token. It takes a total of 6 Token to upgrade the M4A1 to level max. It can upgrade the M4A1 and have a total of 3 levels, M4A1-X, M4A1-Y, and M4A1-Z.

In this article, we are going to find out how stronger the M4A1 in Free Fire will be on each level with the M4 Chip.

Free Fire M4A1 stats

Here are the stats of the M4A1 without any attachment or skin.

  • Damage: 29 per 1 bullet
  • Damage per second: 167
  • For Kill: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 1.2 seconds
Upgraded M4a1 Free Fire
The M4 Chip in the OB29 update is a new special attachment for the M4A1.

How strong is M4A1-X?

The M4A1-X is the first level of the upgraded M4A1.

  • Damage: 66.12 per 2 bullets
  • Damage per second: 197.99
  • For Kill: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 1.01 seconds

The weapon has a 5% faster Rate of Fire. Also, every third shot will deal 28% extra damage. It still takes 7 shots to get a kill but the Rate of Fire of the weapon is higher so the kill time is reduced.

The M4A1-X in Free Fire

How strong is M4A1-Y?

  • Damage: 95.12 every 3 bullets
  • Damage per second: 201.74
  • For Kill: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 0.99 seconds

The M4A1-Y has a slightly less Rate of Fire but it deals 28% damage every 2 shots, making it slightly better than the M4A1-X. The difference is not much though.

The M4A1-Y in Free Fire

How strong is M4A1-Z?

  • Damage: 37.12 per 1 bullet
  • Damage per second: 220.17
  • For Kill: 6x shoot
  • Kill Time: 0.91 seconds

Lastly, the M4A1-Z only has a 3% increased rate of fire but it has 28% additional damage on every shot. It is obvious that the M4A1-Z is the best version of the M4A1 in Free Fire as it can kill a player in 6 shots within 0.91 seconds.

M4a1 Z
The M4A1-Z in Free Fire

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