Characters with active skills like DJ Alok, Skyler, Chrono, and Wukong often overshadow the other characters in Free Fire. Yet, we think passive abilities are so underrated. You don't have to worry about when and where to use the skill, hence, have more room to focus on the strategy and gunfights.

Check out the top 5 characters with the strongest passive abilities in Free Fire OB29 Update.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
Check out these OP characters!

#5 Moco

Moco is a pretty good pick defensive playstyle. She supports her team by using her passive ability Hacker’s Eye to automatically tags the enemy shots for two seconds. Survivors can choose to share this intel with teammates to plan the next move.

Hacker’s Eye allows players to judge the enemies from a safe distance. From there, Moco and her squad can proceed without taking unwanted risks. At the maximum level, the tagging duration increases to five seconds, furthering Moco's effectiveness.

Moco has a passive skill called "Hacker's Eye".

#4 D-Bee

The next skill on our list of OP passive abilities in Free Fire is D-Bee’s Bullet Beats. Whenever D-Bee fires his gun while moving, he gains a 5% increase in agility. On top of that, the weapon's accuracy also goes up by 10%, reducing the recoil when you're run-gunning. At the maximum level, D-Bee’s passive ability will upgrade the agility and accuracy to 15% and 35%, respectively.

Free Fire D Bee Character
D-Bee is the best for run and gun!

#3 Thiva

Though Thiva has not officially debuted, he seems to bring great things to the table. Thiva's passive ability - Vital Vibes increase the revival speed of knocked down players by 5%. Every successful revival triggers a 15 HP recovery in 5 seconds.

Quickly reviving teammates means the difference between winning and losing in team fights, especially in later stages. At the maximum level, Thiva buffs rescue speed by 20%, while the five-second HP recovery increases by 40%.

Free Fire 4th Anni Thiva
Thiva will be available for free as a 4th Anniversary reward.

#2 Hayato

Coming in the second spot on our list of characters with OP passive abilities in Free Fire is Hayato. For every 10% loss in maximum HP, Hayato gains 7.5% armor penetration. The figures increase as you level up the character, capping at 10% armor penetration.

That's what makes Hayato's passive ability - Bushido so effective for rushing. When Hayato combo with other characters, like Alok and Chrono, Hayato will be able to display his full potential, shredding through enemies' armor in seconds.

Hayato is still a relevant choice in 2021.

#1 Jota

At the first spot, we have Jota and his passive ability - Sustained Raids. Whenever you hit the opponents with any weapon, Jota receives an HP regeneration. Successfully knocking down an enemy provides a 10% HP recovery which can be increased to 20% at the sixth level.

Jota can constantly heal his HP if he lands his shots.

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