Thiva and Dimitri are the two latest characters to join the Free Fire roster. As you may already know, their designs are based on the legendary DJ-duo: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Now fans of the world-famous producers can acquire their Free Fire reincarnations for absolutely free.

Yes, Thiva is currently up for free. There are also a bunch of other characters that you can pick up without spending any Diamonds. Here's how to claim Free Fire characters for free in the Free Fire 4th Anniversary update.

4th Anniversary Free Fire
Free Fire is turning 4-year old.

Win Thiva from in-game event

Garena has been teasing about the collaboration between Free Fire and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike for so long now. And on August 4th, the game officials had finally confirmed the news,  introducing 2 new real-life inspired characters to the Free Fire roster.

Though the Free Fire 4th Anniversary has rolled out, we are still a little bit away from the release of the two new characters. But they're coming very soon! Dimitri will be a top-up reward from 12 August 2021.

Meanwhile, players will be able to claim Thiva for free on August 28th, 2021, as part of the fourth-anniversary celebration. However, we still don't know how exactly to claim the character.  Do expect more details in the upcoming days.

Free Fire 4th Anni Thiva
Thiva will be available for all players to claim on August 28th.

Regarding Thiva's ability, he owns a passive skill named Vital Vibes. At the maximum level, it will speed up the rescue of knocked down allies by 20%. Upon successful rescue, the user will also regenerate 40 health points in five seconds.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Events
More events are coming to Free Fire!

Buy gold characters on Free Fire 4th Anniversary

Free Fire has also put some premium characters on the sale, who you can now purchase with Gold Coins. These characters are originally Diamond-exclusive, which means you can only purchase using Diamonds. If you have been saving up your Gold Coins, this may be the best time to spend them.

Free Fire 4th Anni Gold Characters
Purchase the characters you don't have with Gold.

The list of characters available for purchase using Gold Coins in Free Fire 4th Anniversary update includes:

  • Rafael (Dead Silent) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Laura (Sharp Shooter) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Hayato (Bushido) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Moco (Hacker's Eye) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Antonio (Gangster's Spirit) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Caroline (Agility) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Miguel (Crazy Slayer) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Paloma (Arms-Dealing) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Kla (Muay Thai) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Maxim (Gluttony) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Misha (Afterburner) – 8000 Gold Coins
  • Olivia (Healing Touch) – 2000 Gold Coins
  • Kelly (Dash) – 2000 Gold Coins
  • Nikita (Firearms Expert) – 2000 Gold Coins
  • Ford (Iron Will) – 2000 Gold Coins
  • Andrew (Armor Specialist) – 2000 Gold Coins

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