The Incubator in Free Fire is a part of the Luck Royale system in Free Fire. The bundles featured in the Incubator are often really well-designed with many different styles. Also, in the Incubator, you cannot spin for bundles. Instead, you have to spin for Evolution Stone and Blueprint and then exchange them for bundles, which is harder.

A new Incubator has just arrived Free Fire today, the Operano Incubator. Let's take a look together at this new Operano Incubator.

Operano Incubator Free Fire Luck Royale
The new Operano Incubator has just arrived in Free Fire with exclusive bundles.

Free Fire new Operano Incubator

The new Operano Incubator will last for 27 days from August 9 until September 5.

There is a total of 4 bundles in the Operano Incubator, which have the same style but with little differences in design and color.

Operano Chou Bundle

  • Price: 1 Blueprint + 3 Evolution Stone

The Operano Chou Bundle is the cheapest bundle in this Incubator. The bundle features a blue-gray color with a white glowing symbol on the back.

Operano Chou
Free Fire Operano Chou Incubator Bundle

Operano Jing Bundle

  • Price: 2 Blueprint + 4 Evolution Stone

The Operano Jing Bundle has a more vibrant look with warmer colors such as orange and yellow.

Operano Jing Bundle
Free Fire Operano Jing Incubator Bundle

Operano Dan Bundle

  • Price: 2 Blueprint + 5 Evolution Stone

The Operano Dan Bundle comes with more eye-pleasing colors like Green and Cyan but it is also quite expensive.

Operano Dan Bundle
Free Fire Operano Dan Incubator Bundle

Operano Sheng Bundle

  • Price: 3 Blueprint + 7 Evolution Stone

The Operano Sheng Bundle is the most expensive bundle in the Operano Incubator. Instead of having a glowing symbol on the back, this bundle had 4 additional flags. These flags will appear when you are running.

Operano Sheng Bundle
Free Fire Operano Sheng Incubator Bundle

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