In the OB29 update, Free Fire introduces a new Lone Wolf mode for players to compete in 1 vs 1 and show off their personal skills. These 1 on 1 duels give players a more exhilarating experience than the usual Battle Royale mode. The Lone Wolf mode is played on a small unique map called Iron Cage.

Recently, Garena announced on their social media that there will be a Lone Wolf 2 vs 2 mode coming as well. According to leaks, the Free Fire Lone Wolf 2 vs 2 mode will be coming on August 13.

2v2 Mode Free Fire
A new Lone Wolf mode 2v2 is coming to Free Fire.

Free Fire New Lone Wolf 2 Vs 2 Mode

The Free Fire Lone Wolf 2 Vs 2 mode will be played on the same Iron Cage map. This is a great chance for you and your friend to practice your coordination in combats.

Iron Cage Free Fire
The Lone Wolf 2v2 mode will be played on the Iron Cage map.

Players from each team will spawn on opposite sides of the map. A set number of utility items such as Gloo Wall and Grenades will be provided. At the start of each round, players have 10 seconds to choose whichever weapons they want. Whichever team wins 5 rounds first will win the match.

Lone Wolf
There are many different strategies you can use in the new Lone Wolf 2v2 mode

While the basic rule of the 2 Lone Wolf modes will be the same, there are some minor differences. Since you are playing with another person on your team, you can revive them when they are down.

Also, there will be a lot of characters and weapons combinations for you to test out. For example, you can play 1 sniper, 1 rusher to get more balance, or play 2 rushers and go full Rambo in.

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