Free Fire 4th Anniversary is almost here. It is going to be celebrated in August, just like the previous 3 times. Surprisingly, Garena has been rather tight-lipped about the schedule of the event, with no official announcement released to date. However, data miner Knight Clown has saved us by leaking the whole event calendar for the 4th anniversary. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know.

4th anniversary
Free Fire's 4th anniversary is almost here.

1 - Leaked Free Fire 4th Anniversary event calendar

Below are the leaks for the upcoming celebrations in Free Fire 4th Anniversary 2021 - the festivities are going to start on August 20, exactly one week from now.

  • 4th Anniversary Party (20 August to 5 September)
  • Lone Wolf Mode Opens (20 August to 29 August)
  • Login 7 days (23 August to 1 September)
  • Complete Missions (20 August to 5 September)
  • Exchange Tokens (28 August to 5 September)
  • Anniversary Quiz (20 August to 29 August)
  • After Match Drop – 4x only on 28 August (20 August to 5 September)
  • Booyah Now! (28 August to 5 September)
  • Login for Free Character (28 August)
  • CS Cup Challenge 1.0 (28 August)
  • Play to get Cube Fragment (28 August)
  • CS Cup Challenge 2.0 (3 September)

While the developers have yet to confirm this data, based on the official design of the calendar, these dates are probably the truth. It is likely that Garena is going to officially reveal this sometime next week.

Peak day of Free Fire 4th anniversary events

August 28 is going to be the peak day of the event, with the majority of the festivities dropping on that exact day. The Thiva character will be given away for free, alongside various skins including Monster Truck and pets. Furthermore, players can also get a free package, cube fragments... and participating in the Clash Squad Cup challenge. It is crucial that you log into Free Fire on peak day to get the most out of the event.

With Thiva being the free character of this event, looks like Garena is not going to give a "pick your free character ticket" similar to last year. It is a lot better, as players can choose whoever they want instead of getting locked in.

Free Fire 4th Anni Thiva
Thiva is going to be given away for free on August 28th, the Free Fire 4th Anniversary peak day.

2 - DJ Alok, KSHMR, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are set to appear

Free Fire has just revealed a music video titled "Reunion" as part of the 4th Anniversary Celebration. This is going to be a collaboration effort, with all the DJ characters in Free Fire participating. From DJ Alok to Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and even KSHMR are going to be part of this "Reunion". Below is the teaser for the upcoming music video - the full version is scheduled for release on August 20.

This is the first time these world-famous DJs ever performed together on the same stage - Garena Free Fire has truly brought them together.

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