Free Fire's latest anniversary patch OB29 has finally been released, with the highlights being the two new characters, Dimitri and Thiva. The latter is delayed until the end of this month, while the former, Dimitri, is coming out fairly soon. The character is based on DJ Dimitri Vegas, with a fairly unique active ability that has the potential to break the game.

In this article, we are going to compare Dimitri vs Chrono to see which one has the stronger ability.

1 - Chrono's strength

Ability: Time Turner

Upon activation, Chrono's ability creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase 15% in movement speed during 8s activation. CD 170s.

Chrono's skill has been one of the strongest abilities in Free Fire ever since its introduction a few patches ago. While its cooldown was heavily nerfed to 170 seconds, the shield's overall strength remains intact. The right shield activation can net you at least one kill or even more.

Chrono character in Free Fire

2 - Dimitri's strength

Ability: Healing Heartbeat

Upon activation, Healing Heartbeat creates a healing aura of a 3.5m radius, inside which users and their allies regain 3 HP every second. Additionally, users and fallen allies affected by this skill can get up by themselves. The duration of this skill is 10 seconds at the base level, with an 85 seconds cooldown.

Dimitri's ability has been nerfed slightly comparing to its advance server version. When maxed, the duration of Healing Heartbeat is increased to 15, with its cooldown decreased to 60. Overall, this ability is a pretty strong heal, with a 45HP regen over 15 seconds. You can help your teammates get up by just move near them and activate the aura, which saves a lot of time.

Dimitri character in Free Fire

3 - Dimitri vs Chrono in Battle Royale & Clash Squad

In Battle Royale mode

Both Healing Heartbeat and Time Turner are strong in BR mode, but Healing Heartbeat is probably stronger. It is great in team matches as the skill is an alternative form of healing aura that stacks with Alok's skill.

Furthermore, Healing Heartbeat allows you and your teammates to be immortal in long-range fights and aim duels. You can just get back by yourself with the skill active, as long as no one is there to finish you off.

In Clash Squad mode

In Clash Squad, Chrono's ability is stronger, as it gets refreshed every round. You can use each activation to get one kill, which is highly advantageous in a match. Dimitri's aura is not as strong in this mode, as close range fights are rather common. At this range, enemies would finish you off before you can get up.

Chrono Force Shield
Chrono's shield can block a lot of damage.

4 - Verdict

Overall, Dimitri is a much stronger character in a battle royale comparing to Chrono. He is going to be the next meta character, replacing Alok on the top of the list. Chrono still can't recover enough after the heavy nerf that quadrupled his shield's cooldown. He is nearly useless in BR mode now.

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