After multiple successful partnerships and collaborations with real-life celebrities like DJ Alok and Hrithik Roshan, Free Fire by Garena will also bring DJ KSHMR into the game, who will be represented by a character in the game whose nickname will be "Captain BOOYAH".

The latest collaboration with a celebrity will also lead to the release of a song and music video, currently unpublished, called “One More Round” to celebrate the BOOYAH Day in Free Fire. The song will be released on October 15 this week after being announced a couple of days ago.

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DJ KSHMR Free Fire Character Name

In Free Fire, the fictional character of DJ KSHMR will be called “Kamir”, but players can still identify him by his famous nickname “Captain BOOYAH”. It is expected that the character will be released on October 16, or Friday this week.

DJ KSHMR In Free Fire: His Official Name And Three Abilities Revealed

DJ KSHMR is considered one of the world's best DJs. One of his biggest successful musical hits was part of the collaboration that released "Like a G6" in 2010.

KSHMR Free Fire Skills

The character Kamir (Captain BOOYAH), representing KSHMR in Free Fire, will have access to not just two, but three abilities. Here is how each one of his abilities will look like:

  • Passive skill: Maximum EP increased to 250
  • Active skill (2 types):
  1. Teacher: Increases the EP conversion rate into HP for Kamir and his allies
  2. Master of Jiu-Jitsu: Every 10 seconds, Kamir regenerates 20 EP up to a maximum of 100 EP.

Who is DJ KSHMR?

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, who is much better known as his stage name KSHMR, is a music producer, rapper, and of course DJ. KSHMR made the list as one of the 100 best DJs in the world in 2015, taking number 23 in the ranking. In 2016 and 2017, he even went up to number 12 on the same ranking list.

DJ KSHMR is 31 years old and was born in the United States. He is of Kashmiri Hindu descent from his father's side and American from his mother's. KSHMR's stage name is a clear tribute to his father's homeland and has even released two singles called "Jammu" and "Kashmir".

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