As the central element of the game, it is undeniable that the choice of weapons in Free Fire is also a determining factor as to whether you can achieve that precious Booyah! by the end of the game.

We know that in Free Fire, players will select certain weapons as their personal favorites. But learning which weapons you want to use is not enough, as you must also think of which weapons you need to avoid should they fall in the hands of enemies who are quite possibly very proficient at using them!

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So which are the weapons that scare the most players if they run into enemies using them? Let's count the 5 weapons in Free Fire most likely to cause fear among players:

Top 5 Free Fire Weapons Most Feared by Other Players On the Receiving End

1. Thompson

Although it is still a fairly new weapon, this SMG has been able to draw the attention of many players. This submachine gun at close range is even able to compete with other melee weapons that have to be used face-to-face. Since it is such a powerful close-range SMG, the MP40, which used to be favored has started to decline in popularity.

Free Fire: 5 Weapons Players Are Most Afraid Of When Used By Enemies
Thompson SMG Stats

2. M1887

This Shotgun weapon is another weapon that is crucial when fighting at close range. Although it has been getting nerfed several times after patch updates, in fact, this weapon remains the favorite Shotgun for most players which gives other players nightmares at close range.

3. Groza

This weapon can only be found on Airdrop, Treasure Map, or Bounty. And it is as dangerous as it is difficult to find, meaning you should be very wary if enemy players have the Groza. Its damage and accuracy are not something to scoff at.

Free Fire: 5 Weapons Players Are Most Afraid Of When Used By Enemies
Famas and Groza stats comparison

4. AWM

Almost everyone is afraid of running into an opponent wielding this weapon. In the right hands, the AWM is capable of being extremely deadly, especially with its one-shot one-kill capability. It is almost certain that those who encounter this weapon will run away.

5. M79

You could say that this is a pretty annoying weapon, especially when you are entering the late game. The M79 does do a lot of damage and has a fairly large area coverage. Anyone who holds this weapon can eliminate multiple enemies with one shot.

Apart from the weapons above, what other weapons are you most afraid of facing in Free Fire? For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at