It is undeniable that after just 3 years in operation, Free Fire has become a highly successful game, by setting an extraordinary record of being a mobile game with more than 100 million active players in just one day.

Of course, this success cannot be separated from the many people who love this game. Interestingly, Free Fire is a game that is suitable for all kinds of people, whether they are casual or dedicated Free Fire fans, whether they are young or old.

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So what are the reasons behind Free Fire that make it so appealing to so many types of mobile gamers while remaining an interesting Battle Royale to play? Here are 4 reasons that can explain why:

4 Reasons Why So Many Players Want to Play Free Fire!

1. It's Different From other Battle Royales

If you compare Free Fire to other Battle Royale games, you will surely realize how different this game is. This can be seen from the various mechanical systems in the game.

4 Reasons Why Free Fire Is A Game That Suits So Many Different Types Of Players!

In addition, the presence of characters, pets, and skills makes Free Fire stand out a lot from other Battle Royales. There's so much you can buy and earn in the game that players never feel bored, which also makes other players want to try it.

2. The Game Doesn't Get Boring

Due to a different mechanical system compared to other Battle Royale games, Free Fire never gets boring for fans of the game because there are always new metas created thanks to the new characters or pets that come out periodically.

3. Many Events that Spoil the Players

Garena likes to add lots of interesting events to make players feel at home playing Free Fire. Almost every month there is a cool event with many prizes that are easy to earn. And if you are a fan of freebies, Garena also has many free events with hefty prizes.

4 Reasons Why Free Fire Is A Game That Suits So Many Different Types Of Players!

For example, we had a September event in which there is a permanent FAMAS lobby weapon skin that you can get. Previously there was also a free Magic Cube event for all players. Normally, this item is somewhat difficult to earn or find in the game.

4. Very Playable in Most Devices

Games that don't take up too much memory and storage are generally preferred by people. And that is evident from the size of Free Fire which is only 45MB when you download it.

4 Reasons Why Free Fire Is A Game That Suits So Many Different Types Of Players!

In addition, Free Fire is arguably a friendly game for modest smartphones because it doesn't require very high specifications just to play.

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