Free Fire's final circles are the most challenging phases of the game. A lot of players can do fine after dropping but get choked when the play zone starts to close in tight. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 mistakes players often make in Free Fire final circles.

5 - Not having enough supplies

Running out of supplies like ammo and healing item is one of the more common problems players often encounter in the final circles. With the play zone closing in, it is unlikely that you would be able to find supplies in the environment. The only way you can get more supplies is by taking down enemies... and this is really risky.

This also forces you out of your cover to deal with the issue, and we all know rotating in the end zones is super dangerous. To avoid having to deal with this problem, players should stock up their backpacks in the mid-game, before the circle closes in.

Heal In The Shape Of A Bush
Having enough medkits in the final circles is very important

4 - Give away your location

In order to survive the final circles, avoid shooting unless you are certain that you can take down the enemy, as shooting usually gives away your location on the map. Most players would shoot the first enemy that gets into their sight without thinking, which is ill-advised.

To deal with this issue, you can try replacing your muzzle attachment with a silencer. While the former is more useful, the latter lets you hide your location and remain undetected. Rafael's ability also work if you are using a sniper rifle or DMR.

3 - Rushing enemies without a plan

Rushing is the ultimate challenge of your aiming ability - most people don't want to do this, but sometimes you just have to rush. However, it is best to make a plan before doing that.

You can get some advantage first by distracting the enemy using a grenade then rotate to rush them at another angle. Using a grappling hook to gain the high ground or deploying a Gloo Wall for cover can be a good idea as well.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Cover your location with Gloo when the final circles shrink.

2 - Getting caught off guard

The lack of awareness is a big issue in the end zones. Inexperienced players often stroll right into a sniper zone and get killed with one headshot. There are a lot of campers in the zone, especially if you arrive just as it closes in.

To deal with this, try to check the various camping spots with a scope before moving in. Chances that there are players hide inside those buildings and windows, waiting for easy kills.

1 - Poor rotations

While Free Fire is a skill-based game, some parts of it are still luck based. If you get unlucky with the location of the next zone, hasty rotations can lead to disasters. Most deaths in Free Fire's end zones are caused by bad rotation.

If you get detected while moving, enemies can pin you down at the edge of the shrinking safe zone, leaving you between a rock and a hard place. Knowing how, where and when to rotate is a skill one needs to learn in Free Fire.

Skyler Can Break The Gloo Wall To Heal
Rotation often get you killed

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