A Guild in Free Fire is a place for a group of Free Fire players who want to play together. It is a great way for people to find friends in Free Fire and make Squads. A Guild has a name, a slogan, and is managed by a Guild Leader. In particular, Free Fire Level 4 Guilds are often the strongest and most active, so many people want to look for a Free Fire Level 4 Guild ID to join. Also, Level 4 Guild in Free Fire offers the most rewards and privileges.

1. Free Fire Level 4 Guild ID list

Here is a list of Free Fire Level 4 Guild IDs, including some of the most popular Guilds in India:

  • 70392909
  • 60015463
  • 3000606753
  • 67537482
  • 60920276

You can also find random Level 4 Guilds by choosing the Rank Up in the filter and refresh. This is the best way to find Level 4 Guilds without a Free Fire Level 4 Guild ID.

If you want to find Guilds in your region, you can also add a specific region to your filter.

Free Fire Level 4 Guild Id
Use the Filter to find random Level 4 Guilds more often in Free Fire.

2. How to join Level 4 Guild in Free Fire

After you have had the ID of a Free Fire Level 4 Guild, follow these steps to join that Guild:

  • From the main lobby of Free Fire, enter the Guild section through the Guild icon on the right side.
Open Guild Section In Free Fire
Tap on the Guild icon in the main lobby of Free Fire.
  • Enter guild name or Guild ID into the search bar and start searching. Note that if you use a Guild Id to search, your Guild ID must be exactly correct.
  • Tap the Join button to join a Guild.
Find Guide Free Fire
Enter Guild name or Guild ID in the search bar to look for Guilds.

How to be approved by a Free Fire Level 4 Guild?

Guilds often have 2 types of approval methods Auto Approve or Approval.

You can join Guild with Auto Approve immediately if you meet their rank and level requirements. Often they will require to be at least Level 50 and Diamond I rank.

As for Guilds with Approval, after sending a Join request, you must wait for the Guild Leader to allow you to join their Guild. These are often exclusive Guilds that are very picky about their members. The criteria to join these Guilds vary greatly based on the preferences of the Guild Leader. To increase the chance of getting into these Level 4 Guilds, you either need to know the Guild Leader in person or have a really high rank.

3. FAQ about Guilds in Free Fire

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Guilds in Free Fire. If you have any further questions, you can check out this section for more information.

How to level up my Guild in Free Fire?

Your Guild members need to accumulate Glory to level up the Guild. Players can get Glory for their Guild by:

  • Playing Classic, Clash Squad. The amount of Glory will be based on their placement in the match.
  • Playing with your Guildmates will get you 4 Glory per match (max 80 Glory per day).
  • You get 1 Glory for every 10 Diamonds you purchase.

Higher-level Guilds will unlock more privileges for members such as additional gold and experience, the daily gold limit increased, and the guild member limit increased.

What is Guild Store?

You can find Guild Store in the Redemption Store. You can trade Guild Token for items here. Higher-level Guilds will unlock more items in the Guild Store. The Guild Store is updated every patch. The best items you can get from the Guild Store are Name Change Card, Weapon Royale Voucher, and Diamond Royale Voucher.

Guild Store Free Fire
The Guild Store will unlock more rewards with the level of the Guild.

What is a Guild Tournament?

A Guild Tournament is a time-limited event. During the event, players in a Guild can earn Free Fire Dog Tag Count in Classic or Clash Squad mode. Guildmates can play together to get extra Dog Tag Count. The Dog Tag Count of the whole Guild will be added up to be placed on the Leader Board.

At the end of the event, the Guild Leader can claim the rewards for the whole Guilds. Players can use their Dog Tag to exchange for personal rewards.

Guild Tournament Free Fire
Guild Tournament Free Fire is where you get Dog Tag to earn Guild Rewards.

How do I create a Guild in Free Fire?

Any player can make a Guild in Free Fire. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Guild section and Tap on the Create Guild button.
  • Enter your Guild name, Region, Requirements, Slogan.
  • You can choose to either use 5000 Gold or 1000 Diamonds to create your Guild.
Create Guild In Free Fire
Create your own Guild in Free Fire will cost 5000 Gold or 1000 Diamonds.

To make your Guild impressive, you may refer to stylish guild names and best Free Fire guild slogans for more unique ideas. Having a distinctive name can help your Guild attract more members to it.

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