There's a feature called "Membership" in Garena Free Fire. Once you subscribe to this feature, you will unlock multiple additional perks, including daily Diamonds. Additionally, each purchase of the membership gives you a badge such as unique W, M, and S VIP badges.

Free Fire
Show off your wealth with the S-VIP icon and badge.

The W and M-VIP badges stand for players who purchase weekly and monthly memberships, respectively. In order to unlock the S-VIP badge, you will need to purchase both membership subscriptions at once.

Here's what you need to know about this badge in Free Fire!

How To Acquire The S-VIP Badge In Free Fire?

As we have stated earlier, to unlock the S-Vip Badge for your account, you must purchase both the weekly and monthly Free Fire memberships. This can be done right from the game client.

Follow the steps below to subscribe to Free Fire membership:

  • Launch Garena Free Fire. Open the main lobby, click on the ‘Membership’ icon as shown in the picture below.
  • Choose your subscriptions. You must purchase both for the Badge.
  • Select your payment method. Complete the purchase and you will automatically receive the S-VIP badge.
Free Fire Membership Button
Click here to visit the membership page.

The Free Fire weekly membership costs ₹159 and lasts for seven days. Meanwhile, the monthly subscription will set you back by ₹599 and last for 30 days.

Note: If you purchase both membership packs, you will unlock the S-VIP icon for ONLY 7 days. When the weekly membership expires, so does the badge. However, you can re-purchase the weekly membership to get the badge back. A full month of owning the S-VIP Badge will cost a total of ₹1235.

Free Fire Membership Weekly
You can make the purchase using Google Play Balance.

Membership Perks In Free Fire

Of course, buying the membership subscriptions in Free Fire will bring you certain privileges. Here's what you will get for purchasing the membership:

Weekly Membership

  • Claim 60 Diamonds daily (Total: 420 Diamonds in 7 days)
  • Earn 211%
  • Resets daily at 03:00
  • Special Weekly Card VIP icon
Free Fire Membership
Free Fire Membership isn't necessary to enjoy the game.

Monthly Membership

  • Instantly receives AK – Gold Coated (30 days)
  • Instantly receive 100 Diamonds
  • Claim 60 Diamonds daily (Total: 1900 Diamonds in 30 days, including instant credited Diamonds)
  • Earn 238%
  • Resets daily at 03:00
  • Special Monthly Card VIP icon
  • Steps to get the S-VIP icon
Gold Coates Ak
Get an AK – Gold Coated (30 days) right after the purchase.

Players who purchase both the weekly and monthly memberships will receive 120 bonus Diamonds. If you really want to have the S-VIP Badge to show off in Free Fire, go ahead! But please remember, you cannot unlock it permanently. You will need to re-purchase the membership to refresh its expiration date.

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