The Weapon Royale is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale System in Free Fire. Here, players can find the latest weapon skins in Free Fire with strong stats and great design.

Free Fire has just released a new Weapon Royale to replace the old Kord Killspark Weapon Royale. The Free Fire New Weapon Royale in August features the Groza Operano Sheng skin. Let's go check it out now.

Groza Operano Sheng
Free Fire new Groza Operano Sheng Weapon Royale

Free Fire Groza Operano Sheng Weapon Royale

The Free Fire Groza Operano Sheng Weapon Royale lasts for 26 days from August 13 to September 8.

In order to spin the Weapon Royale, players need to pay 40 Diamonds for 1 spin or 400 Diamonds for 11 spins. You can also spin the Weapon Royale using Weapon Royale Vouchers as well.

Here are the stats of the Groza Operano Sheng skin:

  • Armor Penetration ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Movement Speed -
Free Fire Groza Operano Weapon Royale
You can spin the Weapon Royale in Free Fire with Diamonds or Weapon Royale Vouchers

Overall, the skin is quite decent with 2 Armor Penetration buffs and an Accuracy buff. However, there are definitely many Groza skins out there that are better than this one. Still, the Groza is one of the strongest weapons in Free Fire without skin so you don't have to worry too much about it.

Free Fire Groza Operano Skin
The Free Fire Groza Operano Skin

Apart from the Groza Operano Sheng skin, there are many other rare weapon skins you can get from the new Weapon Royale.

Here is a list of rare skins in the Groza Operano Sheng weapon Royale:

  • Urban Rager SKS, SPAS12, AK47
  • Imperial Rome FAMAS, Kar98, MP5, AK47
  • Bumblebee SKS, SPAS12, MP5, AK47
  • Pharaoh Groza, SPAS12, M1014, AK47

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