Free Fire has hit us with yet another event. This time, it will belong to the 4 year anniversary of the title. Speaking of the event, you're probably wondering what cosmetic item is featured as its grand prize, right? Garena brings back the Green Criminal Bundle, one of the most coveted bundles in Free Fire.

Raider Spin Event Green Criminal Bundle
The new event is now live in Garena Free Fire.

Here's how you can join the new Raider Spin Event in Free Fire to claim the Green Criminal Bundle.

Raider Spin Event In Free Fire

The new event Raider Spin was launched on August 13 and will conclude on August 20, 2021. That leaves you with only 5 days to get the costume from this limited-time event.

Regarding the mechanic of the Raider Spin Event, it will be gacha-based. Players pay Diamonds to purchase turns and spin to draw an item from the event's prize pool. The normal spin will set you back by 20 Diamonds each. You can also choose to purchase a pack of 5 normal spins for 90 Diamonds, saving 10 Diamonds.

Raider Spin Event Draw
Special Spins will triple the chance of getting the bundle.

Or, if you want a better chance of winning the bundle, buy the Special spin instead. Each Special spin costs 40 Diamonds, double the price of a normal spin, but it triples the chance of acquiring the Green Criminal Bundle.

However, please note that you're not guaranteed to win the Grand Prize, i.e the Green Criminal Bundle from this event. The chances of winning will go up as you purchase more spins. Yet, there's no fixed answer to how many spins it will take.

How To Acquire Green Criminal Bundle In Free Fire?

Follow the steps below to obtain the Green Criminal Bundle from the Raider Spin Event in Free Fire:

  • Launch Garena Free Fire. Click the Calendar icon on the right side of the screen to access the Events menu.
  • Navigate through the news, find the Raider Spin Event tab, and click "Go-To".
  • Choose the type and number of spins you want to buy. A dialog box will appear on the screen, asking you to confirm your purchase.
  • Make sure you have sufficient Diamonds for the purchase. Top up with Games Kharido if you don't have enough. Continue drawing rewards until you get the Green Criminal Bundle.
Raider Spin Event Confirm
Here's where you can change your mind.

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