Garena has just added a new event called Booyah For Your City, as part of the preparation for the upcoming FFCO National Finals on August 15. By participating, you can grab up to 4 amazing rewards, including bundles and skins. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the "Booyah For Your City" Event.

Free Fire Booyah For Your City Event

The previously mentioned Airspeed Awe Bundle And Dashing Blade Skin are 2 of the 4 available rewards in the Booyah for Your City event in Free Fire. To get them for free, players need to collect a specific number of points during the event. They can obtain points by either playing matches or predicting the winners of the FCO National Finals.

The Booyah For Your City Event
The best teams from all over India gathered in FFCO to compete for the National Champion title.

Points breakdown for the event

  • Booyah: 150 points
  • 2nd place: 100 points
  • 3rd place: 50 points
  • Each kill: 10 points
  • Champion city: 1000 points

To grind points, getting a spot in the top 3 is your best bet. Farming points through kills is very risky and likely to get you killed.

How to predict the winner of FFCO in the 'Booyah for Your City' event

Players can predict the winner of FFCO by selecting the "Booyah for Your City" under the "Booyah with FFCO" tab. Select your answer carefully, as you cannot change it later. The top 3 squads probably to win FFCO are Team Elite (Lucknow Tigers), Galaxy Racer x 4 Unknown (Mumbai Strikers) and Captains (Hyderabad Nawabs).

If you want to have a higher chance to win 1000 points, it is best to pick one of the above 3 teams.

MVP Standings
Captains literally destroyed all other teams in the Hyderabad finals.

Available prizes of Booyah For Your City

Below is a list of available prizes in the event, along with the required number of points for exchanging.

  • 1x Gold Royale Voucher: 10 points
  • India Facepaint: 500 points
  • Dashing Blade: 1000 points
  • Airspeed Awe Bundle: 2000 points

The India facepaint is fairly underwhelming - it would be better if the flag covers the characters' entire face instead of just a small part. A free Gold Royale voucher is always useful.

Dashing Blade skin

The Dashing Blade is a machete skin with red splashes all over its surface, which fairly resembles blood. Overall, a decent addition to your skin roster.

Booyah for your city
The various prizes you can earn in the Booyah for your city event.

Airspeed Awe Bundle

The Airspeed Awe bundle is the grand prize of this event. It is a female set inspired by the eastern style clothing of China and Japan and the female counterpart of the Airspeed Ace bundle.

The most striking part of the set is probably the torso piece. Overall, it is fairly sexy with exposed shoulders and cleavage. The bottom part of the set is also fairly decent, with fishnet stockings on both legs.

Airspeed Awe
The Airspeed Awe is one of the best looking female bundles ever released in Free Fire.

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