Free Fire City Open 2021, the biggest tournament in the country this year, has come to an end after a series of grueling matches in the finals. The 3 months event was finally won by Hyderabad Nawabs a.k.a Team Captains. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about FFCO 2021 National Finals.

1 - FFCO National Finals 2021 Result & Prize pool distribution


FFCO Nationals Finals is super close overall - despite their dominance in the city finals, team Captains barely managed to clutch out the win. They took the first spot with 29 kills and 73 points, only 1 more than Delhi Titans (Team Op).

Fan favorites Lucknow Tigers (Team Elite) is right behind with 70 points. Outside of the top 3 spots, Mumbai Strikers (Unknown - Galaxy Racer) finished in 4th position with a distant 53 points. FFCO 2021 was a huge success overall, with peak concurrent viewers of more than 230,000 during its first match. Our predictions for the top teams before the tournament have come true.

Final Standings
Final Standings of FFCO 2021

Prize pool distribution

The FFCO 2021 featured a massive prize pool of 60 lakhs INR. Each City/Wildcard/Play-ins final also had a prize pool of 2 Lakhs INR.

  • 1st Place (Winners):- 15,00,000 INR- Hyderabad Nawabs - Captains
  • 2nd Place (1st Runner-up):- 7,50,000 INR- Delhi Titans - Team OP
  • 3rd Place (2nd Runner-up):- 5,00,000 INR- Lucknow Tigers - Team Elite
  • 4th Place:- 3,00,000 INR- Mumbai Strikers - Galaxy Racer - 4 Unknown
  • 5th Place:- 2,00,000 INR- Punjab Panthers - Titanium Army
  • 6th Place:- 2,00,000 INR- Ahmedabad Lions - Zero Degree
  • 7th Place:- 1,50,000 INR- Lucknow Warriors - Ankush Free Fire Esports
  • 8th Place:- 1,50,000 INR- Kolkata Kings - Head Hunters
  • 9th Place:- 1,00,000 INR- Dehradun Wolves - Pro Nation
  • 10th Place:- 1,00,000 INR- Chennai Hunters - Raven Esports
  • 11th Place:- 50,000 INR- Chennai Conquerors - Jalikattu Tamilnadu
  • 12th Place:- 50,000 INR- Vizag Victors - Last Hope

Individual achievement:

  • Team with most kills:- 100,000 INR - Lucknow Tigers
  • Most Valuable Player:- 50,000 INR- Mumbai Strikers' Swastik

2 - FFCO National Finals 2021 MVP

Unlike the City Finals with squads absolutely dominating the tournament, the Nationals are much more balanced. The MVP, Mumbai Strikers Swastik, has only 11 kills and 4527 damage. LT.Killer, the #3, is actually the one who dealt the most damage in the tournament.

MVP Standings
MVP Standings of FFCO

It is definitely a surprise that the champion, team Captains, has no player in the MVP standings.

3 - FFCO National Finals 2021 Recap

The event was streamed live on YouTube And Booyah. You can find the stream below:

First Half

  • The first match of the finals on Bermuda was claimed by Hyderabad Nawabs with 11 kills. Punjab Panther played passively and claim the 2nd spot. JohnCena from Nawabs became the MVP with 5 kills. Kolkata Kings, despite being eliminated early, managed to grab 6 frags.
  • Mumbai Strikers dominated the 2nd match played on Purgatory with 14 frags. Ahmedabad Lions secured the 2nd spot with 6 kills followed by Lucknow Tigers with four eliminations. MS.Anand bagged the MVP award in the second match with 5 frags and 1875 damage.
  • The 3rd match on Kalahari was claimed by Ahmedabad Lions' cautious style - they got only 5 kills. Hyderabad Nawabs and Lucknow Tigers followed them with 5 and 6 kills, respectively. After the first half of the tournament, the teams are pretty close, with Hyderabad Nawabs and Delhi Titans in the lead. The 3, 4 and 5th spots all have the same points, which is the prime example of how close the games were.

Second Half

  • Fan-favorite Lucknow Tigers finally got a Booyah in the 4th match on Bermuda, with 10 eliminations. Their star player Iconic alone taking five of them. Chennai Hunters and Delhi Titans took the 2nd and 3rd spots, with six frags each.
  • The 5th match on Purgatory was claimed by Delhi Titans with 7 kills, followed by Hyderabad Nawabs and Dehradun Wolves with 6 and 8 frags respectively.
  • In the final match of the day on Kalahari, Kolkata Kings triumphed with 9 frags. Their star player, Aasim alone took seven kills to claim the MVP. Dehradun Wolves took the 2nd spot with eight kills.

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