Whether you like it or not, the best way to consistently survive for a long time in Free Fire is knowing when to escape in Free Fire. If you get absorbed into fighting other players too much, you will end up dying early most of the time.

It is inevitable that the enemy will have the upper in combats sometimes and you will have to escape fast before they push it. Below are the 3 situations in Free Fire where you need to run away to survive for another day.

Your teammate is dead

In Squad mode, it is not uncommon that you encounter small fights here and there and lost some of your teammates. Once your teammate is killed, you are in a very big disadvantage situation against the other teams so you must run away immediately.

Squad Free Fire
Your Squad is on full power only if everyone is alive.

Out of healing and utility items

Not all fights in Free Fire end quickly. Some fights tend to last for a long time as 2 teams keep on poking each other and healing up. The thing is if you can't kill the other team, you are wasting your resources for nothing. Instead, you can find a way to escape.

Know When To Escape In Free Fire
Run away if you don't have enough resources to fight.

The safe zone starts shrinking

This is a very deadly mistake that many Free Fire players make, not being aware of the safe zone. Never get into a fight when the safe zone is shrinking. No matter who wins the fight in the end, it is likely that none will be able to have enough time to survive outside of the safe zone. If the safe zone is coming, you know that is when to escape in Free Fire.

Having said that, there are a few ways to predict the safe zone in Free Fire so you can plan ahead better.

Free Fire Zone
Always try to get in the safe zone first

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