Playing with random people on the Internet is an essential part of any online game, and Free Fire is not an exception. While there are great teammates who help you win the game, there are also bad teammates whose purpose is to ruin your day. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 worst types of teammates in Free Fire.

5 - The guy who always go alone

It is very important to go as a team in Free Fire squad mode - it is much easier to cover each other's backs that way. Players who go alone are easy pickings for other squads - even if they get the drop on an enemy, the enemy team would respond with overwhelming power. The best you can accomplish alone is a kill trade, which is not worth it at all.

Pro teams
Pro teams usually stick together in Free Fire.

Players who are moving in a team can also share the loots and use skills to heal each other, which is a huge advantage in fights. Alok's ability could restore your whole squad to full.

4 - The guy who never communicates

Communication between teammates is an important part of any team game. Teams who communicate well would get a huge advantage over other teams on the battlefield. This is why pro players often play on LANs.

However, there is always a random guy that never says anything or never tries to communicate in squad matches. It is just annoying and time-consuming, especially for the captain who needs to get everyone on the same page.

3 - The guy who doesn't share

The point of having a team is that the members of the team can cover each other's weaknesses. If you got your hand on a sniper rifle and there's a good sniper in your team, it is a good idea to give that gun to the guy instead of keeping it.

However, there are people who don't understand this. They sometimes keep two sniper rifles while it would be much more advantageous to give their teammates one. The same thing can be applied to healing items, weapon attachments... etc.

good loadout
It is important that everyone get a good loadout.

2 - The guy who talks too much

This is even worse than the silent type. These types of players are usually kids or hot-headed people. Playing with them shouting behind your ear is just really distracting, especially when you are trying to listen to bullet sounds or footsteps.

Their loud, obnoxious screams also distract the team's ability to focus on the game. Overall, you should just mute them for the rest of the game.

1 - The guy who's actively trying to sabotage the team

Alternatively named "griefer" - these guys are the worst type of Free Fire players that you want to avoid at any cost. They can do all of the above - from hoarding weapons, moving alone or even randomly throwing grenades in Squad mode to damage their allies.

People like this don't really care about winning at all. All they want is to have fun by ruining the playing experience of other players. You should report them if possible so their account will get banned.

You can damage your teammates with a badly thrown grenade.

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