In Free Fire, alongside the season pass, there are two types of “subscription” or memberships from which players can get diamonds and other extra items for cheap at the cost of it being given out incrementally. If you don't have money to spend on gaming or just want to save as much as possible, the Memberships are probably your best bet. They are cheaper than topping up the same amount of money.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the weekly and monthly memberships.

1 - Weekly memberships

You would get to claim 60 diamonds every day for seven days - which leads to a total of 420 diamonds, 211% more than topping up with the same amount of money. You would have to log in every day, of course, as the rewards would be reset every day. The daily reset time is at 0300.

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Free Fire Memberships

On purchase, players would receive a special weekly membership badge.

2 - Monthly memberships

The monthly card is pretty much the same as weekly, with a few more extra bonuses. You would also receive 100 diamonds immediately, with a 60 extra unlocked every day. The total number of diamonds you would get is 1900, which is 238% more than topping up the same amount of money.

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The Gold Coated AK

Furthermore, you would receive the AK Gold Coated (30 days) as an extra reward, along with the monthly VIP badge. The weekly and monthly memberships stacks - if you purchase both, a special S-VIP badge would be unlocked. Overall, these memberships and the Elite Pass is the most conservative way when topping up in Free Fire.

3 - How to buy the monthly and weekly memberships

Just tap the membership icon on the main screen of Garena Free Fire to open up the list of options and pick. The Weekly would cost 159 INR and the Monthly would cost 599 INR.

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Elite Pass and memberships are the best way to pay in Free Fire

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